10 Game-Changing Tips For Painting Your Nails At Home

We’ve all tried to paint our nails, but how many of us have been successful? Sometimes, no matter how much time you spend, your nails never look as good as they do when you get them professionally done. It’s annoying and costly to go to the salon a couple times a month. But thanks to these tips, you might not have to anymore. Here’s how to do your nails at home so they actually look like you paid money for them:

Clean Your Nail First

Before you apply anything to your nails, make sure they’re 100% clean. Even if you’re not wearing nail polish, there’s still oil and dirt on your nails that can ruin the way your nail polish goes on. Use a cotton ball with nail polish remover and wipe your nails clean. This way, you’ll start with a clean slate!

Store Your Polish In The Fridge

The best way to make sure your polish lasts longer is to store it somewhere cool. Aka not your closet, cupboard or anywhere near the sun. Keep your polish in a cool place, like your refrigerator to ensure your favorite nail colors stay your favorite for a while!

Use Cuticle Oil, Often

Your cuticles have everything to do with the strength and length of your nails. If you have bad cuticles, it’ll be pretty much impossible to have the nails of your dreams! Before you even grab nail polish, apply cuticle oil to your cuticles AND your nails. Then, apply your polish.  Don’t forget, cuticle oil isn’t just for when you’re giving yourself a manicure. Whenever you have time throughout the week, rub a little cuticle oil on your nails to hydrate and help keep them strong. The oil even acts as a barrier to your nail from the rest of the world so you’re less likely to see breakage and polish smudges!

Always, Always Use A Base Coat

You might not see the need for using a base coat, but it’s truly a game changer. Base coats help the polish go on smoother, by providing your nail polish color something to cling on to. Sure, it might take a few extra seconds to apply and let dry but it’ll be worth it. A manicure with a base coat can stay on at least a few days longer than one without anything at all.

Don’t Rush The Process

Tip: Never paint your nails when you’re in a rush or when you have somewhere to be in an hour. We can pretty much guarantee you’ll ruin your nail polish because they won’t dry properly and you’ll be rushing through the strokes.. Paint your nails when you have nothing but free time so you actually spend time focusing on the task at hand (no pun intended).

Add Little Effects

Do you follow beauty experts on Instagram? Then you’re probably constantly bombarded with major nail inspiration! While most of the art isn’t necessarily easy to do yourself, you can definitely give it a try. Just make sure your nails are dry before doing anything. Apply a base coat first and let that dry before applying the color polish and then the top coat. Once your nails are dry, have fun experimenting with different effects.

Hack: If you want to create a negative space look, use painter’s tape to get the job done! Lay the tape down in the shape you don’t want any polish and then paint away. When you’re done, slowly and cautiously, remove the tape!

Consider A Sheer Shade

Do you have a habit of doing your nails when you’re in a rush? We already told you it’s not a good idea but if you absolutely have to, consider using a sheer shade of nail polish. A color that’s subtle, but not completely clear, will give your nails a little shine while also making the drying process a little faster. Plus, if you mess your nails up while or right after you’re painting, it won’t look as noticeable!

Dry In Cool Water

If you want your fresh nails to dry quickly, stay away from hot water and focus all your attention on cool water. Let your painted nails dry for a few minutes and then run them under cold, maybe even ice water. This will speed up the drying process so you’ll be able to get on with your life sooner. Keep in mind though, you want to be gentle with your painted nails. Maybe dip them in water one at a time instead of putting all of your hands under the faucet.

Apply Thin Layers

Have you ever spent hours on your nails only to hate how thick the nail polish looks? Odds are you made the mistake of applying numerous thick layers instead of two or three thin layers. Not only do thick layers of nail polish take forever to dry, but they don’t look very professional. Three, thin strokes are all you need for the perfect look. Trust us!

Take Care Of Your Nails

You know all the effort you put into your skincare routine? Consider putting the same amount of effort into your nail routine! We’re not saying you have to go out and buy the best of the best products, but use a hand mask every once in a while and apply cuticle oil before bed. Simple things like that will help your nails grow and remain healthy!

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