10 Things Nail Gurus Would NEVER Do To Their Own Nails

What’s one thing all nail gurus agree on? There are MAJOR don’ts when it comes to keeping nails fresh and maintained. Do you want professional-looking nails that actually last for more than a week? Don’t do these 10 things:

Soak Nails In Water

You know when you go to the salon and the manicurist soaks your fingernails in water? You might think this is a crucial step in the whole process, but it’s really not. Turns out, soaking your nails can actually cause damage. The water dries out your nails which makes it difficult for the polish to go on smoothly. Plus, you’re more likely to experience breakage once your nails are “dry.”

Rely On Mancruists For Everything

While it’s always smart to let a professional do something, it’s not always a frugal idea — especially if you have a busy and hectic schedule. You should regularly be taking care of your nails! Not just when you have time for the salon. Exfoliate your cuticles in the shower with warm water and don’t be afraid to use drugstore brand cuticle lotion or oil. Wash your hands regularly and don’t forget to moisturize!

Use Cotton Balls

Cotton balls might be effective at removing nail polish, but the fuzzies they leave behind on your nails is annoying and the clumps can ruin the way your polish goes on. Instead of cotton balls, you should use paper towels or something that won’t leave a fuzzy residue.

Wear Acrylic Nails All The Time

Acrylic nails look great and everything but they’re one of the worst things you can do to your nails. Acrylics are very drying because of the chemicals they contain AND they don’t let your actual nail breathe, which causes breakage and makes it almost impossible for your real nails to remain healthy. If you want long nails, we recommend using press on nails because they don’t have the same kind of formula acrylics do. Plus, you can swap out colors and patterns whenever you want!

Forget To Clean Underneath The Nail

Dirt accumulates underneath your nails and it can become gross f you’re not careful! Even if you don’t see dirt, make sure you’re cleaning underneath your nails with a dry brush. We don’t recommend using toothpicks or really anything too pointy because you might end up damaging the nail or the skin underneath.

Constantly Peel Off Gel Manicures

We’re all guilty of this one, but now is the time to stop! When you peel off your gel manicure you inadvertently peel away thin layers of your nails. Even if you don’t actually see your nails peel off, they’re peeling and it’s probably what causes your gel manicure to chip sooner. Not to mention, peeling off your gel manicure can be messy and sometimes hurt. Do yourself a favor and let a manicurist remove your polish. Or, dip your nails in acetone, let your hands sit for a little while and gently scrub. The polish will come right off!

Style For The Sake Of Styling

Don’t just have your nail technician paint a flower on your nails and call it day. Actually, take the time to think if this detail will look good on your hands. Most of the time, people forget that not every nail color or nail detail will look good on them. If your hands aren’t the most attractive, you don’t want to draw attention to them with a giant flower. Same goes with your color shade, a certain nude might work for your friend but that doesn’t mean it’ll work for you.

Cut Cuticles

Don’t ever cut your cuticles! Even if you have a hangnail, avoid using scissors on your nails. It’s a recipe for disaster! Trimming away your hangnails can actually cause more to appear and that’s the last thing you want. Simply apply a cuticle oil to your cuticles and rub in a circular motion. Then, use a cuticle pusher (please make sure it has a flat tip) to push your cuticles back.

File Nails Back And Forth

The way you file your nails really matters; especially if you’re filing in a back and forth motion. That can cause your nails to break and become weak. Instead, file from the center of your nails to the side so you only sweep the file of your nail in one direction. This will keep your nails from splitting which will help them grow and remain strong.

Bite Nails

We’re sorry to have to tell you, but biting your nails is a habit you need to break ASAP! Similar to filing your nails in a back and forth motion, biting causes uneven and broken nails. Your mouth is also filled with saliva and when you bite your nails, that saliva transfers and your nails weaken. Not to mention, it’s not the healthiest habit. Your nails are pretty dirty most of the time — why put them in your mouth?!

Hack: Biting your nails might be a hard habit to break, so consider applying a horrible tasting formula (maybe a top coat) on your nails to stop yourself from biting. It works…truly!

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