10 Tips To Keep Your Nails From Always Breaking

There’s nothing more frustrating than breaking a nail. Not only does breaking a nail hurt like heck, but it’s annoying — especially after you paid good money for a fresh manicure. We’ve all been there. But unfortunately, not much can be done to prevent your nails from breaking when they’re brittle. Which is why it’s important to keep your nails healthy so they can grow strong — here’s how:

Increase Your Calcium Intake

Are your nails constantly breaking? Then it might be due to your low calcium intake. Calcium is one of the best ways to really keep your bones, teeth, and nails strong. So, make sure you’re increasing your calcium intake. Drink some milk, eat some broccoli, just make sure you’re getting enough calcium in your daily diet!

Relax With The Texting

I know texting is life (I’m the same way). But, that clickety sound you hear when you’re typing away is actually damaging your nails. Tapping your phone screen causes your nails to split and crack, which leads to breakage. If you’re going to text a lot, consider keeping your nails on the shorter side. Remember: Short nails can still be healthy nails!

Give Your Nails A Break

If gel manicures and polish wreak havoc on your nails, consider giving them a break every now and then. Personally, I love gel manicures. They help keep my nails long, BUT they also can cause breakage the more I get them. In between gel manicures, I wear my nails natural so they can breathe. If you notice gel manicures are causing breakage, consider getting them less and wearing your bare nails more — you could even consider press-on nails.

Change Your Nail Color Often

Does anyone like that nail chipped look? I don’t think so, but not everyone has time to change up their polish every week or so. What can you do? MAKE TIME. The longer you keep polish on your nails, the dryer your nails will become (which will cause breakage AND discoloration). In order to avoid that, you need to keep your nails strong. Leaving polish on for a while weakens your nail. Don’t do that!

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