11 Fall Nail Styles You Should Try This Weekend

What are you doing this weekend? Nothing? Well, now you have plans!

Instead of sitting at home, watching re-runs of “The Office,” why not make an appointment with your nail lady? Nails, like purses, are an important accessory so make sure your nails are on POINT with one of these fierce nail styles:

Negative Space (With A Glittered Tip)

Negative space nails have been a trend for a while now. I think that’s mainly because of how minimalistic they look. Negative space with a glittered tip, on the other hand, is anything but minimalistic. This confident look adds a little bling-bling to your hands while still staying true to the negative space trend. You can add some glitter polish to your tips or go all out with a rhinestone design, it’s up to you!

Glitter Everywhere

Speaking of glitter, why not put it everywhere?! Sometimes it can be hard to choose the type of glitter you want, so don’t choose. Pick 10 different colors for each of your nails. Choose a base color and then add some fine glitter across your nails. I know, I know. This look might seem a little odd, but you can make it more subtle by only picking 5 glitter colors so there’s more uniform. OR, you can say “Why not?” and go with all 10!

Nude Color

If you’re going to be basic, be basic and rock a nude color. Here’s the catch, though. When I say nude, I’m not talking about that pinkish hue everyone was wearing a few years ago. I’m talking about the new nude color — the one that’s a mix of gray and brown. This sophisticated color is chic and professional. Perfect for all you working girls!

Olive Green

Do you only want to pick one color for all of your nails? Choose olive green! I can’t get enough of this fall must-have color. It’s dark enough to look seasonal, but bright enough to not look black. I can also pretty much bet you haven’t painted your nails olive green yet, right? Don’t be afraid to try something new!

Orbit Nails

Jeremy Scott might not have created orbit nails, but he definitely helped make them more mainstream. These nails are fun and creative. Although, you probably need a professional to create this look. You need a solid base color and a color for the outline of your nail for this look. Keep in mind, the outline color should be darker than the base!

Cooper Manicure

How else can I explain this nail style besides, FIERY? Cooper might not be what everyone thinks of when they hear “fall” but this cool, yet bold, color compliments the new season quite well. It’s a neutral-ish tone that adds pop and looks “futuristic”— everyone’s obsessed with “futuristic” colors nowadays. Don’t rule this style out!

Not Your Usual French Manicure

There’s nothing wrong with the classic french manicure, but don’t you think it’s time to spice it up a little? Good! Opt for a creamy white tip instead and a deep colored nail. You can choose a dark red, dark purple, dark green — whatever you want. Just make sure the nail, itself, is on the darker side so that white tip really pops.

Bright French Tips

Another option for all of you french manicure-lovers is the bright tip look. Opt for a standout color for the tips of your nails. Maybe a burnt yellow, red, or even a glittery purple. You can pick a seasonal color or just do your favorite color. Whatever you choose, this look will no doubt stand out. 

Cool Animal Print

Thank you, New York Fashion Week, for showing just how versatile animal print is. Since NYFW, people have been wearing animal print on their dresses, shoes, purses, and now? Their nails! I’m obsessed with this look because it’s all about the design. Plus, it can really take your outfit to the next level. 

Almond-Shaped Nails

Almond-shaped nails, with a solid color, are definitely a fall must-have look. The almond-shape gives your nails an edge. And pairing the shape with a simple color doesn’t hurt either! Easy, cute, and sophisticated — that’s what fall nails should be about, right?

Are your nails on the shorter side? Simply have a nail technician give you acrylics to add a little length. 

Accent Nails

Accent nails will NEVER not be on trend! This look is FIERCE. All you have to do is pick a base color for all of your nails except one (on each hand). That one lucky finger(s) will be an accent nail and you can do whatever you want with it. You can add glitter, an opposing color, animal print, etc. An accent nail is similar to an accent wall in your home, the look draws people in and appears stylish. If you’re feeling really confident, you can incorporate some negative space into your accent nail. How does that sound?!

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