11 Ways To Rock The Hottest Nail Trend This Year

One of the biggest nail trends this year — on and off the fashion runway — is negative space nail art. This simple, yet powerful, nail look has been popping up all over in the form of half dip french manicures, miscellaneous dots, and simple stripes. And I have to say, I LOVE this hot nail trend. It’s perfect for anyone, going anywhere. Here are 11 hot ways to rock this year’s cutes nail trend:

Represent Yourself

What symbol represents you? Could it be an “!” or maybe a “$.” There are so many symbols out there that would look so chic and cool on your nails. Pick a clear base and go crazy — maybe a smiley face or a lightbulb…yeah, it can be that random. That’s the point. You should represent yourself on your nails. After all, your nails are an accessory you’ll always have. Don’t be afraid to showcase them!

Fierce Claws

You don’t have to have long, sharp nails to rock this fierce claw look! All you need is some bold nail polish (dark red, black, or even a gold color). Then, paint a slender triangle in the center of your nails. If you have a steady hand, this might be a symbol you can paint on your own. The triangular design will strengthen the appearance of the negative space cutouts and give the allusion your nails are longer than they are. Plus, this look is FIERCE!

Colorful Line Paired With Nude

Are you more of a neutral nail lover? This is the negative space look for you. Paint a thin line in the middle of your nail. That line can be white or even something as bright as red or blue. Then, paint the top of your nail nude, while leaving the bottom clear or uncolored.

Rainbow Power

Pride Month has gone and went but that doesn’t mean you can’t still show your allegiance to the community. Have your nail lady pant a little rainbow going across your nails. Orange, yellow, red, and blue — there are so many colors that make up a rainbow, which means you can experiment a little here. Just leave your base color clear, or white, so it doesn’t take away from the main attraction (i.e. the rainbow).

Stripes Galore

Do you have a stripping nail tape? That’s all you need to create this look. Well, that and nail polish. Use one color or two to create a thin or thick stripe along your nails. Then, leave the rest of the nail clear or uncolored.

A Holiday Icon

It can be a Christmas tree, a pumpkin, or a Menorah on your nails. Get something that represents your favorite holiday! Similar to the rainbow, you’re going to want a clear and subtle backdrop so the holiday icon stands out!

Colorful Tips

Whether you’re going somewhere tropical to escape the cool weather or you just want some color in your life,  this negative space manicure is going to make you feel BRIGHT. Choose a couple of bright colors for the tip of your nails. I recommend two or three different colors, so you’re not rocking the same colored tip on every single nail (matching is so 2016, am I right?).

French Manicure (With A Twist)

There’s nothing wrong with a classic french manicure but why be classic when you can do something a little more creative?! Keep the tip white and add a black “tip” to the base of your nail. This small addition might not seem like a game changer but it’ll INSTANTLY make your nails more fashionable.

Abstract Nails

Pair a nude-colored base with colorful objects to create an abstract look on your nails. Are you confused? Basically, just walk into a museum and replicate one of the paintings on your nails. A few blobs in one corner, a line in the middle, whatever you want. Paint your nails as if you’re the real art (because you are!).

Dotting The Base

This nail style is cute and simple. But, it’s also fun and something you can probably do yourself. Pick a base color and a color for your dots. Once your base color is on, use a toothpick to dot the base of your nails. The dot should be a nice size. You want it big enough that it can’t be missed! You can do a clear base with black dots. Or, a black base with white dots. You can even get more creative with neon colors. It’s up to you!

Barely-Visible Border

Odds are, you’ve seen this look before. It was all over fashion week and LA people are obsessed! This barely visible nail style is just that, barely visible. But that’s what makes it so alluring. You can adorn your nails with a subtle, bright color. As well as your cuticle line. If you want, you can use the same color for both to make them look even more subtle.

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