14 Bold Nail Trends You’ll See in 2019

New Year, New You. Not only that but there are some new nail trends coming afloat that are going to take the stage in a big way. And if you’re feeling any stagnant energy in your life, especially with your nails- these trends are here to shake things up. If you were a fan of the ’90s, 2019 might be your time to shine! Literally.

Things are about to get glossy, full of glitter, and additionally paired with some very impressive expressions. Don’t worry though, if you like things a little less shiny, there are some great neutral trends as well. So really, it’s a win for everyone!

Although it’s hard to predict what the next year will look like, one thing’s for sure- when it comes to nails; it’s going to be a good one. So get ready for those New Year’s Resolutions, and prepare yourself for excitement as we take a look at what’s in store for 2019. Hang on tight, it’s about to get fun:

Negative Space Glitter

While negative space nails have been around for a little while now, this year is taking the space elsewhere. Think angles in different directions, dimensions, and unique placement.

Alternating Textures

Sometimes choosing just one nail idea is hard! Lucky for us, being indecisive is just what the new year is ringing in! If you like marbled, matte, striped and gloss, all at the same time- you’ll love 2019!

Play It Off With Plaid

If you thought plaid was making its way out, think again. It’s here to stay, especially in 2019. This spring get ready for flashes of bold plaid and have fun with it.

Barbie Girl Days Of Glitter

Think 90’s pop star. That’s right- picture yourself smothering glitter on your nails while listening to Aqua’s, “I’m a Barbie Girl”. The ’90s are coming back for you, so get excited!

Be- Jeweled

If you loved adding little jewels and accents to your nails as a child, you’re about to be thrilled. Because in 2019, nail accessories are making a comeback. And there doesn’t seem to be a limit to the number of variations you choose.

Animal Prints

Love animals? Well, you’re in luck because you’ll be seeing all kinds of animal prints throughout this next year. And seeing as mixed textures will be a hit, you don’t even have to choose just one! It’s sure to be a wild time. Oh, happy day.

Get Slimed With Green

Okay, are you seeing what I’m seeing? 2019 is truly grasping on to the 9 and 0 in its line up. Think about the slime you saw on Nickelodeon as a kid. That’s the green that will be hot in all the nail salons come spring!


When was the last time you used pressed-on nails? It’s been a minute. Well, they’ve made their way back. But this time- you can expect to see many more eye-catching options because these nails are dressed to impress!

New Nudes

While many of the 2019 trends are flashy and awakening, there is still some balance! You will be seeing new shades of beige, taupe and even olive greens that will be in the neutral category. So for those who like a little less flash, you’re going to love it.

Short and Sweet

In the midst of all the excitement, your nails will get a chance to rest and reboot. Even amongst all that shimmers and shines, there is a natural look on the horizon. For example, short nails with a simply manicured nail bed are working its way back up. Think simple and sweet.

Royalty Rich Reds

As always, Red is a classic look. But this year it will be getting even deeper. There will be reds with deep blue and even rustic orange undertones. This is going to really pair well with a fresh dusting of snow.

Mirror Image

High gloss and heavy metallics will be taking the stage this upcoming year. Think of Madonna and her iconic “cone” outfit. Yep, it’s happening. Let’s get glossy!

Half Moon Manicures

Is it half full, or half empty? Nope, these nails are totally complete. Not only that, but they’re a total hit. This look will create a nice balance of bold and soft and can be done with a variety of colors.

Get Twisted

Along with new shades, angles, and shapes; comes another look. Get ready to twist up your colors and designs, and get funky with it. Anything from simple swirls, to dramatic twists, will be painted along nails across the year of 2019.

So now that you have a sneak peek of what’s in store for this upcoming year, get ready. And I don’t know about you but, did anyone else, but things just got exciting.  It’s like someone just gave the green light to release the inner-90’s child in all of us. After a long year, the nails of 2019 will be here to bring us new light. Bold, bright, brave and beautiful. As a result of these trends, 2019 looks awesome!

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