14 Chic & Stylish New Year’s Eve Nail Ideas

Have you decided what your New Year’s Eve nail look is going to be? Don’t worry, there’s still time and plenty of stylish ideas to choose from. Here are 14 nail ideas that are cute and stylish — perfect for your New Year’s Eve plans:

Simple, Berry Manicure

You should already know by now that berry is the new black. This deep purple has been an absolute must this holiday season and it doesn’t seem to be losing any momentum. Berry is the perfect shade to pair with any outfit. Whether you’re wearing a little black dress or a glitter pantsuit, a berry manicure will help you look fresh and chic.

Studded Nails

Nail art is perfect for New Year’s Eve! Plus, you can probably create this look yourself. All you need is a subtle base color, diamond studs, and glue to hold the studs onto your nails. This super easy, and not very time-consuming nail look, is the perfect way to compliment your NYE outfit.

Anything Matte

Matte isn’t for everyone. Some people think these nail polishes are a little dull, but that’s their look. They’re supposed to have somewhat of a not-so-glowy effect. If you’re a fan of matte, you should rock a matte nail polish this New Year’s Eve. And if you don’t think matte is enough, add glitter or nail art to take the look up a notch.

Black & Gold Glitter

Have black be your base color and then dip the tip of your nails into a bowl of gold glitter to create this black, ombre nail look. It’s jaw-dropping yet simple enough for you to do yourself. If you’re feeling really adventurous you could apply a black shade that also has a little bit of sparkle so your nails will really look New Year’s Eve ready!

Animal Print

We can’t get over animal print! It’s just so chic and on trend. New Year’s Eve is all about making statements, so make one with zebra nail print or maybe even cheetah. You might be worried that animal print will interfere with your outfit, but it won’t. Animal print will match anything you have on…ANYTHING!

Pink With Sparkles

Similar to the Black & Gold Glitter look, have a nude-ish pink be your base and then dip your nails into a bowl of silver glitter to create this New Year’s Eve look. There’s nothing like a Pretty in Pink moment!

Glossy Grey

Are you spending your New Year’s Eve indoors, watching the ball drop on television? There’s nothing wrong with that! A glossy grey shade is all you need for a low-key evening. It’s subtle yet cute and will go perfectly with your favorite loungewear set.

Hearted Tips

New Year’s Eve is all about love, right? So, switch up your french tips for hearts to create this romantic nail look. No one will be able to ignore your nails on NYE, which means you’ll be a big topic of conversation. Doesn’t sound like a bad thing to us!

Touch Of Bronze

Bronze is the perfect nail color for a night out. It’s cute and also pretty welcoming. Anyone can rock a bronze color! Have your entire nail painted bronze or opt for just the tips to create somewhat of a french manicure. It doesn’t matter how you incorporate bronze, just as long as you incorporate it!

Glitter Stripe

This nail idea is very minimalistic but very attractive. Have your nails painted a clear color or a very light nude and then paint a line right in the middle of each nail with a glitter shade. It’ll resemble a stripe. As we said, it’s a minimalistic look but that’s what makes this nail idea so perfect for all you low-key ladies spending New Year’s Eve somewhere chill.

Mirror-Chrome Nails

Mirror nails were a huge trend in 2018, which makes them the perfect nail look to end the year with. Created to appear reflective, these nails will instantly give your look the “wow” factor. Not only do mirror-chromed nails look good, but they can also work as an accessory or accent to your outfit.

Nude With Polka Dots

You might be thinking, “Why would I wear nude on New Year’s Eve?” Nude isn’t just a workplace friendly color, it’s the perfect base for a little sparkle. Pair your nude nails with white, silver, or maybe even glitter polka dots to create a poppin’ look!

Tiny Glitter Tips

We’ve talked a lot about re-working the typical french manicure look. Here’s another example of this. Opt for a nude base color and then a glitter polish for the tips of your nails. Instead of painting a thick tip on your nail, create a very tiny tip. A line that’s so small it’s not even that noticeable until someone catches your hands at the right angle. Who doesn’t love a look that draws people in?


Still not sure what you want your nails to look like this New Year’s Eve? Go for glitter. Glitter is never a bad idea and it’s even more perfect for NYE. You can wear glitter on your entire nail or apply it to your tips and your tips only. Trust us when we say, you can’t go wrong with glitter nails.

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