20 Coffin Shaped Halloween Nails

Coffin nails (also known as ballerina’s nails) are the favorite nail shape among celebrities. Kylie Jenner and the rest of her Kardashian sisters are all a fan of coffin nails. You can also see celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Demi Moore and plenty other fierce women rocking this sassy style.

The coffin nail is essentially a stiletto nail, but with a square tip rather than a pointy tip. They’re called coffin nails because the shape resembles a coffin.

To file your nails into a coffin nail shape, start by filing your nails in an almond shape. This shape begins by rounding the tops like you would for a standard oval shape. Make sure that you start off with a longer nail than you want the final look to be because you’ll be doing a decent amount of cutting and filing down.

After you’ve rounded the nails, file the sides more narrowly until the tip resembles a pointed (or coffin) end. Always be sure to file from the outside corner towards the center to prevent the nail from splitting. After that, file the tip straight across horizontally. You should file until the end is a blunt, perpendicular end.

Halloween is the perfect time to rock the coffin style. Coffin nails, due to their length, have a great amount of space for nail art designs. Below is a list of our favorite Halloween coffin nail style designs.

We’re loving the mix of stripes and color in this Nightmare Before Christmas inspired nail set!

These bloody, Dexter inspired nails look too close to the real deal.

Nail art with jewels attached – yes please!

These Michael Meyer nails are actually very creepy.

Gemstones and sparkles make this set of coffin nails so on trend.

We’re obsessed with the white and clear with black mamba spider style!

Matte black nails with a peachy spider web – yes please! Love this look.

These nails mix a ton of texture, color, and design!

These white and red striped nails with an illustration of Freddy Cougar are giving us all the Halloween vibes. What an amazing set of nails!

These cute meets spooky Halloween nails are to die for! We’re loving the mix of the bones, dogs, pumpkins and different textures of nail polish make for a super cute Halloween nail set.

Another set of bloody inspired nails! This time the look is paired with a tan nail color and 3D red blood spills. Spooky AF.

These mini gravestones painted on a purple nail that fades to black are definitely giving us Halloween vibes.

Bright green nails? These are giving us total Miss Ivy vibes!

We are loving this set of nails with a mix of two styles! The Stilleto nails mixed with the coffin style make for the perfect Halloween style.

Talk about a Halloween nail art design! This style mixes an ombre nail, sparkles and a spider design for the ultimate Halloween nail art look.

We’re loving the fun mix of this nail set! A purple nail, white and black stripe with blood splatter and mini spiders are so cute!

Another set of Freddy Cougar nails! How spooky!

Another pair of matte black nails makes our list. We’re loving the mix of 3D art on this set of nails make us swoon! The roses, rhinestones and artwork are simply to die for.

Green might be our favorite color for Halloween nails. We’re loving this mummy-style mixed with glitter and bats! So adorable.

An ombre set of nails mixed with a jack-o-lantern face and black stripes make for such a fun and unique Halloween set of nails.

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