2018 Nail Trends You Can Expect To See In 2019

Trends don’t end when a new year starts — especially when it comes to nails! Some of the most popular nail trends of 2018 are expected to make a return in the new year. Thought you saw the last of jelly nails? Think again! Here are 2018’s most popular nail trends that are set to play a huge roll in 2019:

Tarot Nails

Tarot nails blew up this fall and they’re expected to become even more popular in 2019. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this nail trend, it shouldn’t be super surprised to learn that these nails are mysterious (it’s in the name). Inspired by mystical tarot cards, tarot nails are the perfect mix of magical and eye-catching.

Animal Print Nails

There was a huge spike in animal print this year. Everywhere we looked people were wearing animal print accessories, clothes, and even animalistic makeup. Well, guess what? This trend will continue way past the new year and we’ll see even more of this style on everyday nails. Expect to see cheetah print nails, dalmatian-inspired nails, and maybe even a little snakeskin.

Dried-flower Nails

This was probably one of the most whimsical and creative nail trends of 2018 — there’s no possible way this trend will die in 2019. Basically, dried-flower nails are created by taking small, dried out flowers and sticking them to nails as art. Yes, it sounds simple but this look is absolutely breathtaking when done correctly! (Aka you’re probably going to want to go to a nail technician unless you have a very steady hand).

Press-On Nails

Do you remember a couple of years ago when people would judge you for wearing press-on nails? That judgment has now been replaced with respect. Press-on nails are finally trendy (yes!) and it’s a direct result of how detailed nails are becoming. It’s kind of hard for the average nail technician to create some of these complex looks,  but that’s okay thanks to press-on. Plus, they’re way less time-consuming and you can change them whenever you want!

Glitter Nails

As we said, it’s all about the ‘90s and this obsession will continue in 2019 with all-glitter nails. This simple yet spunky look has been popular for some time now and it’s good to know glitter will never go of style (at least, not anytime soon).

Jelly Nails

Thank you, Kylie Jenner, for showcasing these jelly nails during the summer! Jelly nails provide some serious nostalgia. There’s no doubt they’ll be everywhere in 2019 between the months of May and August. People love to feel as if they’re back in the’90s and these nails do just that!

Mixed Nails

What are mixed nails? They’re any look that’s not considered “mainstream.” For example, instead of using a glitter nail polish to create one accent nail on each finger, you’d use that polish on three of your fingers. Get it? Mixed nails are all about experimenting with different shapes, patterns, and colors but also making sure each nail compliments the other.

Accent Nails

Accent nails are an absolute blast and the best part is you can typically do them yourself. All you need is a simple nail color (matte is always a great idea) and a possible accent. You can use jewels, stickers, rhinestones, pom-poms, whatever you want! This nail trend really lets you showcase your own personal style!

Tortoiseshell Nails

What’s so fun about these nails is how artistic they look. Tortoiseshell nails legitimately look like jewelry…but on your nails. Which is part of their allure! Who wouldn’t want to wear a pattern, typically meant for jewelry, on their nails?!

Textured Nails

Textured nails are going to be huge in 2019, and that’s solely because of how artistic millennials and Gen-Y’s are becoming. This new generation loves to play with art — even on their nails! We saw some texturized looks in 2018, but it’s going to be even more apparent in 2019 as “art nails” become more mainstream. Whether it’s beads, texturized flowers, or tissue paper,  textured nails are going to be everywhere!

Short And Natural Nails

And finally, short and natural nails. While bold colors and shapes are definitely popular, there’s nothing wrong with wearing a natural polish color on your short nails. This look was all over the runways this year and that’s because the fashion world loves anything minimalistic. You don’t have to rock bright pink nails if that’s not your style. Keep your nails filed low, add a sheer coat, and wear this sophisticated and chic nail trend all year long.

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