A Guide To The Most Popular 2019 Nail Shape Trends

Nail shapes are kind of tricky to understand. You might be able to visualize what you’re looking for, but that doesn’t mean you’re able to verbalize it to your nail technician. What’s an almond-shaped nail? Or, a squoval-shaped nail? If you’re not sure, keep reading — here’s a guide to the 2019 nail shapes you’re going to see all year (so you might as well get familiar):

Round Nails

If you have short nails, this is going to be the best nail shape for you. But that doesn’t mean round nails are too simple to look cute. They’re casual, sure, but definitely fashionable. Round nails are sophisticated. Regardless of the color you choose, the look will appear soft and easy. Perfect for executive ladies or anyone who doesn’t want to draw too much attention to their hands.

Coffin Nails

Coffin nails are the shape you continuously see Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner rocking. Super-tapered sides with a straight edge top are how you create this must-have look. Wondering where the name comes from? Well, it’s because the final shape actually looks like a coffin. Creepy cool, don’t you think?

P.S. Coffin nails are sometimes called Ballerina’s nails and they can be worn short or long. It’s up to you!

Almond Nails

Almond nails have become increasingly popular in the fashion industry and that’s because of how chic this shape looks. To be honest, they’re a great shape for anyone. Old? Young? Trendy? Boring? Almond-shaped nails make your nails look longer than they really are and their round base holds polish in a flawless way. It’s no wonder celebrities are opting for this nutty shape.

Square Nails

Looking for a shape you can easily create yourself? Here you go! The only thing you have to do to create this shape files the tips of your nails back and forth until they look like squares. As I said, you can create this simple look yourself. Not to mention, this square shape looks good short and long. Don’t feel like you have to trim or cut your nails. They’re probably good as is (minus a little filling).

Lipstick Nails

What are lipstick nails? They’re a nail shape that looks like lipstick coming out of a tube. Weird? Yes. But also kind of cool. This quirky shape is hot and it’s quickly becoming the new trend. This squared nail, with a diagonal slant, will instantly draw people in. Yes yes! I recommend this look for anyone who wants to be the talk of the town one night.

Pointed Nails

Don’t get these confused with all the other “pointy nails” on this list. This shape is slightly more triangular than all of the rest. The sides are pretty much completely straight, and the point is kept to the tippy top. Pointed nails look sharp as heck, like a triangle.

Oval Nails

Similar to almond nails, this oval shape also has tapered sides but only a little (and nowhere near has tapered as almond nails). Which makes this shape tricky to do yourself because you don’t want to file too much that the shape looks almond and you don’t want to file too little that the shape looks round. You’re looking for a happy medium with this one. Keep in mind, you can wear oval-shaped nails short too. (If Kendall Jenner does it, anyone can!)

Stiletto Nails

Why wear stilettos on your feet when you can wear stilettos on your hands?! This shape is FIERCE. But it’s not ideal for people who have to work a lot with their hands. Because of how super taper the sides are, your nails are going to almost look like weapons. High-fashioned weapons, of course!

Squoval Nails

Squoval nails are perfect for people who don’t want round nails but also don’t want super sharp edges or points. Squoval nails are the perfect mix. They’re soft, stylish, and probably one of the most appealing nails shapes out there. If you’re ever on the fence of what shape you want, go for this one!

Arrowhead Nails

Arrowhead nails aren’t as sharp as stilettos, but they’re still cute and perfect for anyone looking for a FIERCE look. This slightly soft shape is a great way to ease yourself into the stiletto trend.

Natural Nails

This nail shape is probably the hardest to identify because “natural” means something different to everyone. None of our nails really grow the same. With that said, typically when people want a natural-shape they want something in-between an almond, squoval, and oval-shaped. Nails that are a little bit pointer than squoval but not as pointy as an almond shape WITH oval sides. Seem complicated? I’m sure your nail technician will understand.

While not every shape is going to work for you, all of these shapes are pretty universal. They’d look great with gel polish, a matte polish, acrylics, neutral shades, or just your natural color! Now, go out there and rock one of these hot nail-shaped trends.

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