[AMAZING!] 75 Best Nails for 2018 by Irishwend

We are so excited to share with you girls what we have here today. We love sharing with you the best nails from across the web and that is exactly what you are getting today. We have 75 of the Best Nails for 2018 by Irishwend.

We are very thankful to Irishwend for reaching out to us and submitting her nails to our submission form. Wendy might just be the most creative nail artist we have ever had the pleasure to work with here at Best Nail Art.

Below you will find direct embedded posts of Wendy’s nails which come from her instagram page. If you have an instagram account, make sure you go follow her right away and show Wendy some love.

Now today we have 75 of our favorite nails of hers which was almost impossible to select. We love everything on her instagram page so we tried our best which is why we selected so many.

We hope you love Irishwend’s nail as much as we do!

[AMAZING!] 75 Best Nails for 2018 by Irishwend




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