Animal Inspired Nail Art

Animals are cute, cuddling and let’s face it they have some of the best coats ever! From stripes to spots nature found a way to stand out and you will too. With animal inspired nails you can’t go wrong. Animal prints have always been huge in fashion. Not to go completely villain on you, but if you think back to Cruella Deville some of her best fashion ideas had to deal with animal prints. Let’s not talk about those cute little Dalmatians, but you could even have some cute spotted nails without skinning or maiming any animals. Therefore, animal nail art just makes so much sense and fashion sense.

Jag spots are definitely cute for nail art. Think Lisa Frank, but a little more adult with elegant bright pinks and blacks you will be looking sleek. Jaguars aren’t just for cars after all. They are for cute trendy nails whether they are long or short your nails will always be spotted with this nail art idea. For another idea on Jag, spots go to this tutorial.

Halloween is coming up and with that being said it is the season for horror movies and gory things. Why not try out some leopard or tiger print nails with a bit of “blood” streaks. Now, these look really cool for your next Halloween party or perhaps you could host your own haunted jungle with these sexy sleek nails. They are just the right amount of pizazz and gore.

Cats, who doesn’t love cats? Cat-inspired nails are amazing, but we can do better since October is here. Let’s do a bit of skeleton on the nails as well as the cute cuddly cats. Nothing scary or creepy so you can wear these all year long, but perhaps a nice boney fish for the kitty can also be painted on the cat. You can also go with a cute cat nail art. Any type of cat art is always ideal but check out this awesome cats in love nail art tutorial. You can’t go wrong with those purrfect nails!

Zebra nail art is always classic. Not only to the black and white non-symmetry lines look elegant and bright on your fingers, but they are also easy to do because you don’t have to worry about making a straight line. Zebras don’t have straight lines on their backs and neither should your nails! You can do so many different color combos with the zebra pattern too! Be classic with the black and white or try rainbow zebra stripes. Either way, they always look amazing. You could even do some solid nails and then every other nail adds some zebra flare. The possibilities are gorgeously endless. Here is one of my favorite zebra nail art tutorials.

Amphibians and reptiles are always an excellent inspiration for our wardrobe. From snakeskin mini-skirts and shoes to turtle patterned dresses fashion has always followed those animal’s traits. There is always something sleek and sexy about scale nail art. Call it a dark lure or whatever you will, but reptiles have sleek looks. You can also make your nails metallic giving it a real natural feel or a textured black look for a black snake inspiration. And if you’re feeling like upping the ante and going with a more Game of Thrones inspired look to get yourself some dragon nails! Here is the tutorial for dragon nails.

Feeling Chicky? No, not chic or cheeky, but literally chicky? These nails are bird inspired. They are literally for the birds or the hen house. Either way, they are simply adorable and easy to do. Which is great if you’re looking for a cute baby chick inspiration and something that won’t take you forever to paint on your nails. These are also great for going to an apple orchard or another eggcellent event.
Get the tutorial here:

Bear nails are always so cute. You can’t go wrong with a cute little panda bear or polar bear. I suppose Winnie the Pooh would count too, but we are talking more generic animals. You can even put your own twist on the nail art by making a panda bear with a unicorn horn or adding wings to a polar bear. The point is you should be having fun with these animal-inspired nails. Stay away from teddy bears though that trend is too overdone! Go for something exotic like the cutesy panda bears.

For some unbearably cute inspiration go check out this beary cute nail art tutorial that will make your nails look sweeter than honey. Well sweeter than honey to a bear. A fashion loving bear.

There’s so much inspiration you can draw up from nature for fashion. Don’t just stay stuck on one of these photos or tutorials. Experiment with different animals and animal prints. Mix and match prints together! Have some jaguar spots with alternating zebra stripes! Have zebra stripes on baby chick eggs! Do your thing and most of all have fun making your nails adorably animal inspired. Be bold and…Go Wild!

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