Awesome Autumn Nails You Should Be Rocking

Autumn is awesome so why not have some awesome Autumn nails? Exactly. These are the Nails YOU need to be rocking for the season. You don’t want to show up for Thanksgiving dinner looking drab so get ready to explore the best of AWESOME AUTUMN nails!

The look above incorporates the best colors of Autumn. The leaves that fall off the trees change colors due to the chloroplast and that beauty is exactly what you need your hands to remind you that Autumn is indeed Awesome. The reds, greens and yellows alternating are too good to pass up. Make sure you make one nail different with a fun pattern. It can be anything you want so long as it’s Autumn inspired.

Autumn reds on the leaves change from deep dark red to a lighter red as the season goes on. This nail art inspiration is an ombre affect that is supposed to be reminiscent of the red leaves changing on the trees. It represents the change the leaves go through and it also makes your nails look awesomely bold.


This Autumn abstract florals are huge. Again thinking about the Autumn leaves these nails have pieces of leaves that are details on each finger. Each finger is intricately done, but also different on each nail. This will not only give your nails new life, but will make you more interesting. I bet your work crush is intrigued by them. 

Black is great for any season, but I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that black is a Winter and Fall color. So how can you make black more Awesome for Autumn? Easy. Add is some silver holographic to ¬†each nail or if you want to get really creative try some sparkly nail polish randomly placed on each nail. Not too random, but random enough so it looks like you meant to splatter it over the dark black luminescent nails.

Get a look at these awesome nails. The matte dark grey is huge this season and mixed with the trendy glitter nails alternating is nail perfection. You can’t ask for anything more Awesome or more Autumn inspired that this.

Of course, nail polish or nail art with polish is great, but if you can spruce up your nails with jewels or gems you will be ahead of the curve this season. Purple is extremely popular this Fall as well and when you mix both looks together like above you get an awesome look. Remember to add silver or gold to your nails as well. Making them a monotone is great, but making the jewels stand out slightly will make you look like a queen.

Dark colors with geometric shapes will put you in good stead this season. It’s a huge trend and as you can see does, indeed, look awesome.

Again, dark nails and holographic polish is a trend that everyone is loving this season.


At fashion shows this year for Autumn looks this was shown again and again. Dark brown or dark neutral colors with a pop of gold metallic art like stripes or geometric shapes have been a huge trend. Celebrities have been celebrating this look ever since it came out for the Autumn look in the Summer. They are obsessed and so are we.

Try ruby reds and golden yellows. Sparkles are huge this year in the nail world so be sure all your polishes are sparkly or holographic. Then make sure you change up one nail, because the one different nail is a trend that still is alive and well. Let’s face it, it looks awesome.

Butterflies seem like more of a spring pattern, but butterflies have been HUGE this fall. They are flying into nail trends for the Autumn season and if you think about the way butterflies are flying south on an Autumn day you can see why they are still a trend this season. Use neutrals or pinks to create this look. I also recommend trying orange to mimic a pumpkin color with the butterfly. This will give a better Autumn appeal.

Polka dots are still proving to be a classic pattern in nail art. It’s easy, cute and fun. This fall mix some neutral polka dot nails with orange alternating solid nails for a perfectly fun Fall look.

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