Best Nail Designs – 72 of the Best Nail Art by Kathleen

We are constantly being sent submissions for nails that you lovely ladies want to share with us and we are excited to share with you this particular person who is doing an amazing job.

Kathleen recently submitted her nail art to us and we couldn’t have been happier to share it with you. Nail Art By Kathleen can be found directly here through instagram or on her wonderful youtube channel.

Make sure you follow her on Instagram right now and also subscribe to her YouTube channel before viewing this post. It’s definitely worth your while!

Since she has so many amazing and incredible nail art designs, we tried our best to find her very best work. It was very hard to just wire it down to 72 nail art designs because she never disappoints.

View our top picks below!

Best Nails for 2018 – 72 of the Best Nail Art by Kathleen







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