College Football Nail Art Fanicure Ideas

Obviously, there are a lot of colleges out there and college football has actually become more popular in the United States than the NFL over the past year. So why shouldn’t you represent your favorite college football team? You absolutely should and there are some amazing ideas out there for college football nails. However, because there are so many colleges it would literally be impossible to represent everyone one of them here. I fully apologize in advance because I would love to be able to put every single college on here for their own amazing nail are, but that’s also the beauty of this article. You can see different college football nail art ideas within several nail art ideas here, but then add your own team instead! And who knows maybe you will find your team on here! Without further ado, here are the college football nail art ideas you need to have for this season!

Not only is this nail art design super easy to do, but it’s beautiful representing one of the best college football teams of all time: The University of Michigan. Before I look bias here, believe me, there is a reason I say this about the University of Michigan football team. Michigan is known for having the most all-time wins in college football history. So if you’re thinking about picking a team to root for or simply just love Michigan, then you can get a tutorial for some nails here.

The University of Oregon has quite an amazing looking duck mascot. This mascot is what inspired this amazing nail art. If your team’s mascot isn’t a duck this may not be the best tutorial for you, but if you’re interested in doing The University of Oregon nail art or just want to know how to do a very detailed duck mascot for future reference it’s definitely a great tutorial you can check out here.  Fun fact about the University of Oregon’s nicknames. They are now called the ducks but they used to be called the webfoots until the 1960’s! Could you imagine calling them the webfoots still instead of the ducks?

Are you all about Gatornation? Do you love the University of Florida? Then this nail art design is the best for you! Represent the Gators win this college football season by sporting their colors on your nails check out the tutorial here. Go Gators!

The University of Alabama is a longtime rival of the above Gatornation and so it’s not a surprise that many people have done a tutorial for the University of Alabama nail art. However, this particular nail art design is one of my favorites because it’s simple, clean and beautifully represents The University of Alabama college football teams. If you want to represent the team, then go here to check out this awesome tutorial.

Michigan State also is a fantastic college to go to and represent. Their mascot is the Spartans. Those tough roman warriors are exactly what you want to have represented on your nails when you’re sporting your fanicure for Michigan State. Go here to check out the best Michigan State nail art design you will ever see.

LSU or Louisiana State University has an awesome football team and cute tiger mascot. Both those things make for the perfect fanicure! Fun fact: Did you know that the tiger mascot is named Mike after Mike Chambers who served as LSU’s athletic trainer when the first tiger was purchased in 1936! So put Mike on your fingernails and enjoy the stripes as LSU is cheered on by you, the fan. Check out this awesome design here.

The Wildcats in Kentucky are another team that has not only a great mascot but a wonderful letter logo that’s perfect to go on nail art. Check out the Wildcat’s wild nail design here.
It’s clean, cute and sporty! Everything you need for the perfect college football nail art design.

Arizona State University isn’t just a great school, but they also have a wonderful football team called the SunDevils. If you have ever been to or lived in Arizona, you completely understand how the Sundevils got their name. However, they have beautiful team colors of gold and burgundy that are perfect color combos for nail art. This nail design doesn’t just feature the school letters but the school mascot’s pitchfork! How hot are these nails? Well, Arizona July hot.

If your team wasn’t represented here don’t worry. I was surprised there aren’t more college nail art designs out there for other teams as well. Maybe you can be the first and create your own tutorial. Represent your team the best way you know how. On your nails and in the stadium!

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