Dinosaur Inspired Nails that are DINO-MYTE!

Dinosaurs have always been popular and cool. I would say at least since the 1980’s we had dino print items that were well, for lack of a better word, rad. Then of course, movies like The Land Before Time and Jurassic Park just made us love dinosaurs that much more. Recently Jurassic Park World 2 came out and it got plenty of people back into dino mode. Which means there are a lot more dinosaur prints for men, women and of course, children in the fashion industry. With this much dino going on it’s no wonder that nail artists started matching these fashion patterns with their own dino-myte nail art. So whether you just like dino movies or you have loved dinosaurs since pre-school here is some amazing dinosaur nail art you really should be thinking about for your next manicure.

Being 2018 trendy of course I had to open up this dinosaur nail art article with a Jurassic Park World design. This is not only trendy because of the new movie, but if you look at the design itself in all its glorious detail you can see why you need it for your next manicure! This particular nail art features the T-REX that’s oh so famous in the Jurassic Park series chasing people. Because that’s what T-Rex’s do best besides save the day, of course! To check out this dino-myte nail art tutorial go here.


Maybe you want more of the cartoon dinosaur look. Well here are T-Rex’s that are very cartoon-like and have multiple colors of dino on each nail. You can see the cartoon teeth on the edge of your manicure and it’s so cute. Adults and kids will love these. Plus, it’s amazing to see what this artist can do with a toothpick. Check out the full tutorial here.

This next design is also inspired by Jurassic Park World. They are supposedly easy nails, but they look so detailed it’s almost like you spent too much time on these. The colors chosen for this design are green and yellow mainly, but what makes this design stand out is the glossy nail art and the sparkles. This artist uses glitter and gems for some of the “egg” inspired nails. She also uses dino skeletons and a green T-Rex on alternating nails. It’s such a cute design this is definitely a favorite and dino-myte. To check out the tutorial go here.

This next design is going more to the cartoon side of dinos again. They are cute or kawaii style inspired nails. Each nail has a different dino from T-Rex to a Stegosaurus you can’t go wrong with this design. I love how the artists use the chibi inspired art style that became so popular in Japan as the “kawaii” style. I also love how she incorporates more than one type of dinosaur and more than one color theme. She does a great job of making these cute designs look flawless, but not like they are meant for a child’s manicure. It’s honestly one of my favorite cartoon dino designs for nail art. Once you see them you definitely want them for your next manicure. To get the tutorial go here.


Perhaps you’re a fan of Paleontology? You love the excavating of dinosaur bones for a living portion of the dino theme. Skeletons might just be your thing? If you answered yes to any of that then this nail art is for you. This is paleontology inspired nail art. It makes your manicure look like an excavation site with some dino bones. No bones about it. This nail art is beautiful and detailed. It also hosts more neutral colors so it can go with any outfit really. For the full tutorial go here.


These dinos are cartoonish, but also goofier looking than the other cartoon nail art we have seen. If you’re looking to put a little humor in your life and on your hands, then this style is for you. It’s cute, funny and most of all Dino-myte. Check out this adorable tutorial here.

Everyone knows the story of the dinosaur’s extinction. There are so many thoughts as to what actually happened to the magnificent creatures, but the most popular theory is the big bang theory. It’s so popular they even named a sitcom after it. So if you’re okay with have the edge of extinction on the tip of your fingers then this next design is for you. The artist drew inspiration from the big bang event ( if it happened) and created a story on her manicure about it. It’s a little sad and also cute at the same time. I don’t know if this design makes me happy or sad, but it’s so beautiful I can’t deny wanting to have it on my manicure. Check out the amazing tutorial here.

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