Elvis Presley Nail Art that will Inspire and Sing to You

Elvis is and will always be the King of Rock and Roll. A true legend. If you’re headed to Las Vegas (where the King spent a lot of time) or his home in Graceland you need to check out this nail art before you get there. Make sure your nails look on point for the King. If you’re not headed that way but are just an Elvis fan that’s great too. Keep on checking out these amazing nail art finds.

This first design is a huge nod to the King. Elvis would be very proud of these nails as they boast not only his flashy wardrobe but his key dancing move. This one also includes an elegant nail design with Elvis’s name on the nail. It’s a beautiful choice for a Viva Las Vegas Vacation. Go here to check it out.

This next design is much flashier and bold like Mr. Presley himself. It also has a bit of Tennessee inspired art style that is much needed when talking about the King of Rock and Roll. So if you’re into glitz, glamour and rock n’ roll these nails are for you. Check out the tutorial by Glittertips here.


Check out this Picasso style Elvis inspired nail art. There are musical instruments, notes and The King’s face on your nails when you learn about how to make this crafty creation. Love me tender and love these nails then check how to do them here.

If you’re looking for something a little more neutral but still glitzy then this next design will have you singing for sure! This is a more detailed nail art with actual Elvis profiles,  music notes, microphones and more. Check out this King of Rock design here.

If you want to make a loving tribute to Elvis on your nails then this is the best design of all for that. This has 3D flowers around a photo of Elvis’s beautiful face or at least it looks like a photo. If you’re curious about how to get this look go here.

This one is a nod to Elvis’s beginnings in Tennessee and how he evolved into THE KING. You will see cowboy boots, Elvis’s face, and a crown on this person’s manicure. Super cute and very neutral. This would be perfect to wear for any occasion. Go here to mimic the look.

Jail House Rock is probably one of Elvis’s most iconic songs and dance routines he did. Everyone old or young know about how Elvis was dancing to the Jail House Rock and that’s exactly what Elvis should be doing on your manicure. Go here to mimic the look.

Every time I look at this manicure I just think to myself “ There cannot be a better manicure for an Elvis fan” This literally takes all the best parts of Elvis and brings it into one glitzy and flashy manicure. The glitter gold and glitter reds really bring out things that Elvis loved. He loved to be flashy and he was always good at getting people’s attention much as this manicure will on you. Go here to mimic the look.

Pop art style nails have been a huge trend this year. Andy Warhol became the inspiration of 2018, but what we learn now is that when we combine two greats together we have an ultimate outcome. So this is Elvis pop art nail art and that’s basically connecting three great things together into one awesome outcome. Go here to mimic the design or make it your own.

This combines a lot of Elvis’s iconic songs, movies and so on. See if you can find all the references in this amazing manicure. Go here to mimic this design.

Check out this cute mini Elvis design. You can put him on one nail or all of them. So cute and detailed.

Elvis may not be around anymore, but he lives on through his music and impact on our culture as a whole. He brought not only a great voice but a great persona. Ranging from his music and movies to his service in the army Elvis has always been thought of as an American legend. Be proud to wear these awesome Elvis Designs on your hands and if you come up with your own design let us know! We love to see how you were inspired by others!

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