Firework Nail Art is so Gorgeous It Will Blast You Away

Fireworks are beautiful to behold in the dark deep sky at night. While New Year’s Eve taught us and showed us just how beautiful fireworks are that doesn’t mean that they have to end there or just be for new year’s eve. You can celebrate the New Year all month long with these sassy and breathtaking nails. Firework nail are won’t just blast you away, but will show all of your friends, family and coworkers that you are fully welcoming in the new year with a huge bang! So without further ado here are the best nail art fireworks I could find on the world wide web.

This multicolor firework design is cute and elegant at the same time, which is hard to do. However, these explosive works of art on your nails may look intimidating, but truthfully they are easy to do. This design is one of the easiest and best designs for firework nail art that you can find. Check out this amazing and enlightening tutorial by Robin Moses Nail Art here. Not only will this be an easy tutorial to follow, but your friends will think you spent hours on your nail design!

This particular nail design is gorgeous because it starts with a matte black background to represent the dark night sky. Then the fireworks that are added to look like beautiful abstract art pieces on your nails. These fireworks are metallic (which is still a popular trend in 2019 that we saw growth during the 2018 year) and shiny. With the matte black, they really pop out like authentic fireworks you would watch in the night sky. For this fabulous tutorial go here. This particular tutorial is by a fantastic nail artist known on YouTube as My Simple Little Pleasures and lets me assure you that this nail art is a simple little pleasure you will love. So treat yourself and treat your nails to this hot look.

This simple nail art design is for beginners, but even veterans of nail art will enjoy and love having this design on their manicure or pedicure. These fireworks are so cute. Think of it as a cartoonish version of the real thing. Mya Blanco shows you how this tutorial is done here.  Thank you Mya for this cutesy design.

As all nail art does this design by Demelza’s World has it’s ua nique perspective on the subject at hand ( no pun intended). This particular firework art leaves little almost polka dots like blasting pieces of firework on the nail as well. It’s beautiful, elegant and fun to do. If you’re really wanting to show 2019 a good time this is the design you need to have on your manicure. Go here to check out the mind blowing tutorial.

If you’re a huge girly girl or just a fan of the color pink you should check out these pink fireworks on this nail art design. Blast off into the new year and into life with this new found design by Robin Moses. She loves doing fireworks and is good at them. Check out the tutorial here. 

This particular nail design doesn’t have fireworks on each nail. While there are matte black backgrounds on some of the nails others are gold and sparkly. It’s interesting to see this artist’s perspective and take on a New Year’s Eve firework design. It’s unique and stunning in its own right. The nail artist xameliax is the one you need to credit for coming up with this gorgeous take on firework nail art. Go here to check out her beautifully done tutorial.

Hopefully the New Year will bring us all much more than just pretty nails, but we’re still okay with just pretty nails too. Whatever design you decide to try out or wherever the new year may take you I want you to remember to always be creative, bold and remember you’re beautiful inside and out. Happy New Year! Oh and one more thing. If you have a firework nail design or tutorial you have done yourself, please share it in the comments below. Thanks!

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