NFL Football Inspired Nail Art

Most Americans are in love with football and I don’t mean soccer. I mean real NFL tackling football. And it would surprise most to know that men aren’t the only ones who are into football or football season. I said it would surprise most because it seems like most advertisements and even sports shows are targeted towards men based on their style, language and who they have on the shows or commercials. However, we girls know that we love sports just as much as any big football fan man! With the Super Bowl coming up we need to upgrade our manicures. So why not show off your football loving pride with some beautiful football nail art? Even if your favorite team didn’t make it to the Super Bowl you can still represent them with these amazing football nail art designs.


CoverGirl came up with some amazing nail art for the best of us NFL fans. Take a look at this creative video and get your own ideas for your nail art. Remember, you have to be in style for the Super Bowl!

This design is an easy design that’s meant for beginners in nail art or those who are in a hurry, but still want to represent their football love proudly! These nails consist of alternating footballs and green nails like the grass. They are simple but beautifully done that everyone will be impressed with them. Especially your football loving guy! Get this cute little tutorial here.

Want some more detailed football nails? Want nails that have the end zone literally painted on your beautiful manicure? Then this nail design is for you. It’s got the footballs alternating with the entire detail of the football field. It’s for the ultimate sports fan, but it takes a bit more time to do due to the details of this design versus the first design we encounter on this list. So be sure to give yourself a little extra time to make the design. Go here to see how your nails should look once you’re done.


If you’re a Saint’s fan then you have to check out this creative fanicure! This lovely nail artist makes the most beautiful composition of the New Orleans Saints colors and adding in the beautiful logo of the French Leaflet. Even if you’re not into football these nails are detailed, elegant and gorgeous. Anyone who is a fan of New Orleans or The French Quarter will be sure to give you loads of compliments.


The San Francisco 49ers are a team that has gotten a lot of traction this year. They played well and we need to represent them. There is no better way to represent this team than by showing off the SF and their team’s colors in a beautiful way. Check out this awesome tutorial.

Okay, so these nails are incredibly creative and perfect for Sunday night football gatherings. They feature textured grass on the nails with a football on a few of the nail tips. It’s so fun, creative and cute you might want to wear them for a few Sundays. Just make sure you take lots of photos because getting this textured grassy look isn’t easy. Go here for the design. To learn how to do the nails go to the tutorial here.

New England Patriots are so close to being in the Super Bowl ( at the point when I am writing this)! Even if they don’t make it to the big game they played well this last football season and you should represent their hard work by doing a little hard work of your own. Make this nail art shine and check out the tutorial below.

If you liked the fuzzy look of the nails above but you really want more detail on the nails as well look no further than this creative design created by nail artist “cutepolish” on YouTube. It will also give you a good idea for other textured grass nails you can use for not only football nails but spring or Easter inspired nails as well. This nail design doesn’t just sport a football design, but a goal post as well! So you get more football details with the same cool fuzzy grass effect. Go here for the tutorial.

Cowboys are another team that has excelled this football season. If you’re looking for acrylic nail ideas then this tutorial is all for you. Remember the cowboy’s cheerleaders will definitely be wearing these nails!

LadyLovesNails came out with a fabulous nail design to represent the Philadelphia Eagles! You can do this look for any team all you have to do is switch up the colors, but it’s cute enough where people may not know they are football nails, but still has enough football inspiration in them that your Super Bowl family will know what your nail art is about. Go here for the full look.

Philadelphia is another fine team. This manicure video is a little different because this is a more detailed design than the last ones we saw. However, Eagle Wings and the word Eagles painted across your manicure will have you flying to support your team!

These super bowl football nails aren’t just super they are pretty cute and easy to do. These nails are by forevernails98 on YouTube and the tutorial makes it look as easy as they actually are to do. These are extremely detailed, but definitely worth it for your super bowl Sunday get-together and if you’re lucky enough to be a super bowl game you should definitely be representing your love for the game with these nails! Go here for the tutorial.

The Seattle Seahawk’s are always represented in their city. If you have ever been to Seattle or Washington state you know that the number 21 ( which represents the Seahawks) is seen everywhere. I mean literally all year long there are 21s with the Seahawks jersey colors plastered on alley walls, in windows, on cars, on coasters, on clothes, hats, museum doors and more. The point is this city is crazy for their team and you should be too! Check out this awesome Seahawks nail tutorial below.

Finally, The ultimate super bowl nails. Check out this ultimate nail art with these sexy looking super bowl nails that will not only have every football fan jealous of you but wishing they had asked you to do their nails for them too. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter at any Super Bowl party. And you can wear these no matter who you are a fan of!

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