Halloween Nails You Will Die For

Halloween is almost around the corner and it is time to get into the mood. From spooky to horrifying there are some beauty trends out there that you will die for. Nail art has become more and more advanced in recent years and there are some eerie differences this year that you will want to make sure you are updated on. After all, spooky nails are just a must for this upcoming October. From blood to horrifyingly cute we have the remedy for your nails. Just try not to kill over these nails, okay ladies?

Eyeballs are always scary. Do you remember that time as a kid you walked into a haunted house and all the eyeballs were literally on you? They were moving around on a dark wall and it scared you to death? Well, it’s literally that same concept except they are on your nails! So paint your nails black and then add some googly moving eyeballs to your nails. Nothing creepier than having your nails looking back at you right? And if you need a tutorial to help you out with these horrifyingly cute nails then look no further than Robin Moses Nail Art on YouTube! She has a wonderful channel full of great DIY nail ideas. However, I think that these eyeballs are something super special for October! Check out the video here:

Do you miss your Mummy? Sorry, I know bad joke, but the truth is mummies can be terrifying or cute. These nails are both! Halloween Mummy Water Marble art is one of the coolest looking mummy art processes I have ever seen. Not only will people wonder where you got your nails done, but they will want to know how you made them look so 3D and beautiful. The answer is really in the water marble art. This takes a lot of patience to set up the water and the nail polishes for the mummy’s wrappings, but once you have got the hang of it with one finger it’s perfect for all of them. Then you simply add some eyes peering out from a dark spot and you have the perfect mummy nails for Halloween. It’s a hard process to explain so I highly recommend taking a look at the tutorial if you have never done water marble art on your nails before. The best tutorial I have found is by My Simple Little Pleasures on YouTube. To view the tutorial, go here:

If you’re looking for something a bit creepier and more horrifying, then try a nail going through your nails. If you want a look for the night of Halloween that is absolutely gory and terrifying, then these nails have nailed it for your literally. This one will take much more time to achieve than the previous nails on this list though. You will have to get fake nails and drill a small hole in them. Then get a fake nail and put the top part on top of that nail. Also, use a few different paints and lips glosses to create the fake blood coming from your finger. Then you will also have to glue a nail piece to your finger on the bottom to make it look like the nails have gone completely through your fingers. While this does take a few more steps if you’re looking for a gory look you can’t get much gorier than this! To get the full tutorial you can watch it on YouTube did best by BeautifulYouTV. Go here to watch it:

Voodoo Doll Nails! Okay so these are so creepy they are cute. What’s creepier than pink voodoo doll nails? Yeah, pretty much nothing. We don’t know if you’re a ghost of a New Orleans dead girl or if you’re a woman with revenge on her mind. So these nails will creep everyone out and still be cute like Lilo’s doll Scump https://www.amazon.co.uk/Disney-4673-Lilo-Stitch-Scrump/dp/B00PHRTO6M. PiggieLuv.com created these particular nails and they have been posted on multiple Instagram feeds. The original look by Piggyluv has white nails with a pink voodoo doll on one nail and sequins or “buttons” on the other nails in certain patterns or places. You obviously can switch up the colors on this one to match your own themes. A red background with a black voodoo doll would be super scary too. Everything here is up to personal preference, but if you’re curious about how to do the original look go here.

Have you ever wanted zombie nails? Perhaps brain nails were on your mind? The Nail Engineer has created one of the most original and possibly coolest yet grossest nail arts yet. Zombie Brain Buffet in 3D. Any time you have 3D nail art it’s amazing, but if you’re a fan of zombies like I am then you know that brain 3D nails are even better. Especially when it comes to wearing them in the month of October. How hipster is this? Be warned though, these nails are very hard to do yourself unless you’re literally a nail engineer. So this should only be attempted by the cream of the crop nail artists. If you think you can mimic it more power to you, but these nails are well dead hard to nail. Or undead? Either way, if you’re looking for a brainy tutorial for your nail art this October go here and view The Nail Engineer’s fantastic undead design:

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