Holiday Nail Polishes You Need To Know About

The holidays are a great time to relax, spend time with family, give gifts and get gifts for yourself. You know you have that extra downtime so you might as well get some gifts for yourself and do your nails in this year’s best polishes for the holidays. Are you not sure about the colors out there? What are the best polishes and colors for this year? Well no worries, because I am about to give you all the answers you seek for the best pedicures and manicures of the season.


OPI Disney’s Nutcracker and the Four Realms back to reality color is shaking things up this holiday season. Not only is Disney redoing the whole concept of the Nutcracker and taking it to a whole new level, but the products that are supposed to promote this movie are out of sight! The Nutcracker isn’t only a traditional part of the season, but this color will put a whole new meaning to your winter pedicure. It’s a beautiful neutral color with flare, as I call it. It’s being sold exclusively at Ulta for 10.50, but it’s so worth every penny. For this sugar plum color that is more glam than anything else. Go here to get.

Navy has always been a hugely popular nail color for winter. However, this navy is much deeper and richer looking than most. It not only is beautiful for your manicure and pedicure’s but it will have you marching to your own tune. Also inspired by Disney’s Nutcracker and the Four Realms this particular nail polish is called March in Uniform. As you know there are nutcracker soldiers in the movie and the traditional ballet. This color was inspired specifically by their uniforms. So get in with the seasonal norms and march in line to get this amazing nail polish. Also sold at Ulta you can get it here.

Essie has come out with a fantastic color that looks like a greenish blue. It’s supposed to mimic mistletoe with its clever and punny name called “On Your Mistletoes”. How cute is that for the perfect pedicure? Don’t miss out on this fantastic color that is not only beautiful and perfect for the holiday season, but a great price. Get it here for 9.00.

Sinful Colors created a professional polish that is perfect for the holidays and sort of explains every holiday meal I have ever had “Holiday Rebel”. This is a sparkly polish that not only has red, green, gold and silver glitter pieces, but it has a hint of black. Why? Because you’re a holiday rebel. It reminds you of those debates you get in with your family over your Christmas meal. They never seem to end well, but we come together as a family just the same. Just like family, this polish makes your nails complete despite its different appeal. Go here to nab this sexy polish for only 10.94. A bargain!

Kleancolor has a Nail lacquer that is out of sight for the holiday season. It goes with 2018’s sparkly theme on the nail polishes we have seen, but it also has a great green color that reminds you of a beautiful Christmas tree. This particular polish is called Holiday Jingle 92. And we wish we had been wearing it and holiday jingling since 1992 with how stunning this will make your nails look. Go here and buy it for only $4.77.

The brand ILNP Lucky One Cosmetics also has a beautifully rich green nail polish that is perfect for the holiday season in front of us. Theirs is called Pine Green Holographic. It’s not only gorgeous, but it’s vegan and cruelty-free which just makes our nails and holidays seem brighter. It also has an intense holographic sparkle and some of the highest reviews out of all the polishes on this list. This is a must get for yourself and for others. Make sure you put some of these in your best friend’s stockings this Christmas. Go here to get the polish for only 10.00. This also makes a great Secret Santa gift. If you needed a gift idea.

Sticking with the sparkling nail polish theme is Infinite Shine’s amazing holiday nail polish for the season. It’s a gorgeous and glamorous silver polish that reminds you of silver bells on sleighs. Reviewers say that this polish stays on your nails for 3+ weeks so you can wear it all Winter long and that the color is better than they expected when ordering it from online. They love the shine of this polish and you will too. Get it here for around $12.00.

I hope that your holidays this Winter season will be filled with laughter and love. Most of all I hope that you get to relax and have fun with all these amazing polishes. Life is too short not to be merry and glamorous.

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