How To Keep Your Light-Colored Manicure Nice And Clean

A few winters ago, the only nail polish color anyone wanted to wear was dark. But things have changed. It’s all about light-colored manicures now; light yellow, light brown, nude, light pink, etc. This pale manicure trend has taken the fashion industry by storm (which means, us “non-celebrities” are all over it).

The only problem with this trend is how difficult it is to keep a light manicure clean!

The lighter the color, the more you see every smudge and mark. Why? Because most polishes absorb what they’re exposed to. Whether that’s your foundation, your hair dye, the ink from your pen, or a cleaning product you use every day — your nail polish absorbs those products and that shows up on your nails. Sometimes in the form of discoloration or sometimes that absorption can chip away at your manicure completely. Annoying, I know!

Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to avoid this problem!

Besides a good base coat and a good top coat, you’re going to want to be careful about where you’re putting your hands. For example, sometimes denim jeans and certain clothing materials can rub off onto your nails and ruin them.

It’s also smart to have a high-grit buffer. Using this on your nails will remove any spots or marks. Once you’re done, apply a top coat and continue applying a top coat throughout the length of your mani so you can keep the look fresh.

If you’re getting your nails professionally done, make sure you’re using a polish color you own. That way, you’ll be able to touch up your nails whenever you might need to. Make sure you let your nails dry after you’re done so you don’t create more of a mess for yourself!

In the end, though, the best way to keep your manicure fresh and clean is to make sure you have healthy nails — here are a few tips to do just that:

Put The Health Of Your Nails Before The Length

Sure, having gorgeously long nails might be the #goal. But if your nails are weak and brittle, it doesn’t matter if they’re short or long. Their health is what should come first. Don’t be against trimming your nails a couple times a week to ensure you’re keeping them healthy.

Walk Around With An Emery Board

You never know when you might need to file your nails. Especially if you have a job that requires you to work a lot with your hands. The longer you walk around with chip nails or a hangnail the more damage it’s going to do with your nails. Have you emery board with you at all times!

Protect Your Nails

Whenever you have to do something with your hands, make sure you’re protecting them. Wear gloves, moisturize, and take a break in between gel manicures and acrylics.

Be Careful Around Heat

If you just got a manicure, you’re going to want to avoid exposing your nails to heat. Heat from water, hot clothes, or even your blowdryer can lift the polish off your nails and cause cracks and chips.

Use A Nail Strengthener

It’s always a good idea to use a nail strengthener every now and again to keep your nails hard and strong. Don’t feel like you have to use one every day but once a week will definitely improve the overall look and feel of your nails.

Now that you have the tools to do so, go ahead and rock your nude manicure all season long!

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