How to Prep Your Nails for Getting Engaged

If you’ve been with your hubby for quite some time and are expecting to be getting engaged, you’ll want to make sure your nails are in perfect shape for your engagement nail selfie. We suggest doing nail prep as soon as you get a hint or inkling that you’re going to get engaged. You don’t want to get caught off guard with a set of nails that look janky!

Make sure you consider a shape and a shade that won’t upstage your potential bling. We suggest opting for a nude polish. A neutral shade that compliments your skin tong will elongate your nails. Plus it won’t distract from the bling! You can also apply this idea to the length and shape of the nails. They should be manicured but not too different from anything you’d normally do. If you’re getting tips for the first time ever, keep them natural looking.

Don’t forget to take good care of the skin on your hands and cuticles too. The easiest way to make your hands look radiant and your nails sparkle is with a moisturizing hand cream. Be sure to clean off any cream off of your nails before you take a ring selfie so they really shine!

When taking your nail selfie, or nailfie, make sure you utilize a good background. Chances are your hubby proposed somewhere nice, intimate or special to you two, so play around! Use the background of where the engagement took place. You can also use props like champagne glasses, your partner or a cute mug that says future Mrs!

After you’ve finally snagged the ring, you’ll want to keep your manicure game on point. Invest in a good pair of in home clippers, hand moisturizer and a good neutral or skin tone color to keep nails in top top shape. You can also invest in an at home gel kit station. So many people will be wanting to see your ring, and you’ll want to show it off as well! If you take the time to keep your nails looking good, you won’t ever be shy to show off your new bling!

If you’re looking for some engagement nail Inso, we’ve found a few looks on Instagram that we’re loving below!

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