#LifeHack: 11 Secrets To Making Your Pedicure Last

How many times have you left the salon with a fresh pedicure only to see chips the next day? With how much you spend on a pedicure, it should last you a while. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do after leaving the salon to help make sure  your pedicure lasts — here are 11 of them:

Say “No” To The Water Treatment

Half the enjoyment of getting a pedicure is the foot soak, right? Unfortunately, water isn’t very kind to your feet. Besides the fact that water makes your feet dry, it can actually cause your nail polish to chip sooner than it should. We know you might really, really want that foot soak but opt out of it if you want your pedicure to last!

Avoid Closed Toe Shoes

You want to give your toes enough time to dry! Even if your nail technician says your dry enough to leave the salon, that doesn’t mean you should put on your tennis shoes and go work out. For the rest of the day/night, you’re going to want to opt for open-toed shoes. And not just to avoid smudges, you also don’t want anyone stepping on your feet and causing damage.


Stay Away From Heat

A lot of people will go home and use a blow dryer on their toes to help them dry. Don’t do that! Too much heat can actually cause your polish to peel off. If you want them to dry ASAP, put them in something very cold; like your freezer. This will harden your nails, which will cause the polish to dry faster!

Consider A Color With Glitter

If you’ve ever painted your nails with glitter, you know just how long that polish lasts! Glitter polish is thicker than plain colors, which means it’s pretty dang tricky for that polish to just peel off and chip. Not to mention, polish with a little glitter and shimmer is cute! Win-win.

Use Darker Colors

Similar to glitter nail polish, darker colors will typically last longer too. Why? Because they’re dark and when they do chip, it’s not as easy to see. You might be against dark colors, but think of it this way — it only takes a shade or two darker than your go-to color to help make a pedicure last. It might be worth it, don’t you think?

Don’t Shower Right After A Pedicure

You already know water can cause your nail polish to chip, but you might think it’s okay to rinse your feet after a pedicure once the polish is dry. It’s not! Even when the polish is on your nails, water can still mess with the adhesion and ruin your pedicure. Plus, if your toenails aren’t 100% dry before you hop in the shower, they’re going to look horrible when you get out.

Apply A Top Coat When You Leave The Salon

You don’t have to apply a top coat the second after you walk out of the salon, but you do want to apply one the day after…and the day after that, and so on. This will help keep your nails looking new and fresh! Just make sure you’re not applying a heavy amount, you don’t want to mess them up.

Moisturize Your Feet Often

To avoid cracked heels and callus, opt for heavy foot creams. Typically, what you should use on your feet is much heavier than what you’d use on the rest of your body so keep that in mind. We recommend using a lotion that’s actually designed for your feet so you can ensure you’re hydrating and moisturizing while also not leaving a weird residue behind. Something with Argan Oil can make all the difference for soft and beautiful feet.

Avoid Scented Lotions

Say, “yes” to lotion but say “no” to scented lotion. Scents smell amazing but the formula in them can cause your polish to peel and crack. Save the scents for a time when you’re not trying to make your pedicure last, okay?

Bring Your Own Nail Polish Bottle

Bringing your own bottle will ensure you’re able to retouch your nails at home when they start to chip or peel. This might surprise you but salon’s typically water-down their nail polish so it’s much thinner than what you’d buy at a store. Plus, sometimes it’s hard to find the color of your dreams at a nail salon. Having your own color with you will help make sure you leave the salon happy!

Give Your Feet Some Much-Needed R&R

The key to a lasting pedicure is to make sure you’re taking care of your feet before and after you leave the salon. No matter how skilled your nail technician is, if your feet are in bad shape there’s not much that can be done. So, take care of your feet! Exfoliate them, clean them, moisturize them, and don’t forget about cuticle oil. A little R&R will go a long way!

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