Ornament Nail Art that You Wish You Could Hang on Your Tree

It’s the holidays and whether you are religious or not you love the decorations that the season brings. The beautiful strung lights throughout the street and the shiny round baubles on trees otherwise known as ornaments. Yes, we love them. They are beautiful, but fragile much like our souls around this time of year. Let’s be honest it’s true. So how can we personally enjoy these ornaments on a daily basis without breaking them? Easy make ornament art on your Mani’s and Pedi’s! These are the best of the best in ornament nail art on the web.

These nails are exactly what I think of when I think of the holidays. Beautiful glitzy glitter pieces, brilliant ornaments that stand out and multiple colors that brighten your winter and your spirit. The simple design of 3 ornaments on each nail hanging down from a golden sparkly tree isn’t just gorgeous to your eye, but it really gives you that feeling of the season that you absolutely love. To learn how to do this design check out the tutorial here.

If you’re a beginner to nail art do not be afraid. You can have a similar look to the one above but do it a little easier. This won’t include the tree, but it will include three ornaments on each nail that you can be proud of. This is an especially good holiday activity to do with the little girls in your group or family. It’s fun and easy. Go here to check out the tutorial.

If you’re looking for a challenge and a more detailed ornament look then you will want to check out this tutorial.  It’s an ornament that I would call old-fashioned. My grandma had ornaments from the 1930s that looked exactly like this one. This ornament you’re drawing however won’t be on a Christmas tree, but a snowy tree branch really bringing in the full feel of the winter season. This one is sure to impress everyone at your holiday party so if you’re up for a challenge go for it.

This one reminds you of the ornaments that have intricate patterns or of snow globes when they have the glitter particles coming down. The metallic swirls are sure to be a hit this 2018 season as metallic are back in for nail art and bigger than ever. This design is clean, simple and gorgeous. Go here to do it yourself.

This Is another simple look and design for beginners. It’s one sparkly ornament hanging by a sparkly holiday bow on a white nail polish background. Each nail should have a different color ornament and these should all be sparkly or glittery to stand out. Go here to check out this simple tutorial.

Ornaments on detailed evergreen branches. This is an extremely detailed design and not for the faint of heart. Still, the end result is worth all the work when you see how intricate and beautiful this is. Go here to check out the tutorial.

If you’re looking for some 3D Christmas Ornament nails then look no further than this design from Dazzle Glam Nails on YouTube. She does a great job with this acrylic nail look. Even going so far as to make one of the nails shaped like an old-fashioned ornament from the 1940s and 1950s. Go here for this intricate and snowy tutorial.

Pros on this 3D one are that they look great, beautiful colors if you’re not into pinks or reds, very seasonal and unique. Cons are this is very hard to do and get just right.

Have you ever looked at your nails and said: “I wish I could have a snow globe on my nails?” Well if you have then this tutorial is for you. These are Christmas Aquarium nails that have little Christmas trees and other items floating in them. They are also like ornaments and Christmas decorations with each nail being a different theme and bold with Christmas colors.

If you want all of your nails to look like a different Christmas ornament, then you have to check out this amazing acrylic nail design. Each nail looks like a completely different ornament. So these nails are shaped uniquely and not at all like nails. Go here to check out this incredible tutorial by Absolute Nails.

If you want a snowglobe style ornament on your nails without the actual water an aquarium nail comes with then this Waterless Globe design is for you. Jazzy Time with Bailey Clarke perfected this design and it’s something you have to try this holiday season. You know you have time over the holidays to make this and the best part is that it will go great for New Years as well. Go here for the waterless globe ornament tutorial.


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