Sailor Moon Inspired Nail Art

Sailor Moon for those of you who don’t know is an amazing anime ( Japanese cartoon) that made my childhood as well as others that much better. This show not only featured awesome women warriors who have strong personalities, but they also dealt with real-life situations. It taught us the power of friendship and so much more. For those of you who do know Sailor Moon and know exactly what this nail art is about you are lucky enough to have grown up watching this amazing show. Not only do you know that the characters were flawless, but that you also want to fight by moonlight and win love by daylight. With these nails, you will not only win love by daylight but maybe you will gain some magic nail powers and fight evil by moonlight. I’m not sure if you want to go the vigilante route, but it’s always a possibility.

The first Sailor Moon inspired nail art that I have to tell you about has to do with sailor moons fantastic transformation tools. These are what help her turn into Sailor Moon from her alter ego and basic person Serena. You always need a secret persona when you’re fighting evil, but Serena and Sailor Moon are very much the same klutzy person. This nail art also incorporates some of her weapons like a crystal wand that helps fight evil! More importantly, these nails won’t just protect you from the negaverse, but they are extremely fashionable. So check out the tutorial here by How to Make on YouTube.

This next Sailor Moon Nail Art design deals with her and Tuxedo Mask. This nail design was designed by someone in Japan. Thechichicho nails on YouTube creator came up with nails that detail the moon and roses. Tuxedo Mask fights with roses and Sailor Moon obviously has to do with the moon where she comes from so this design is an elegant mix of the two items. It also has Sailor Moon on a nail doing her transformation from Serena to Sailor Moon. Which is not only super detailed nail art but amazing to think you could have Sailor Moon transforming on your manicure. Sorry I might be geeking out a bit. Here is the tutorial if you want these awesome Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask inspired nails.

This next nail art is inspired by Sailor Moon’s sailor costume. Her bright red bow and blue stripes are too bold and too gorgeous not to paint on your beautiful manicure. So if you want the sailor scout uniform look that she wears when she is fighting by moonlight then you need to go with this clever design created by frostingqueenie on YouTube. It’s cute and it looks great on short or long nails. Which is always a plus! To get a look at this sailor inspired tutorial, go here.



If you’re really into nail art and are an actual artist (disclaimer I am not a great artist) then you want this detailed Sailor Moon nail art. This makes your nails look like they are literally part of a Sailor Moon episode. I can almost hear the theme song, Moonlight Densetsu, playing just watching the tutorial by the creator Nailbees on YouTube. She makes a background of blue and pink with a galaxy brush so perfectly it looks like a background from the anime. This is, of course, anime and a galaxy inspired mix of pinks blues and yellows. Then she adds such graceful details that are perfect for Sailor Moon Nails. You would almost think it’s something that Sailor Moon would be wearing on a daily basis every time she transforms. However, the most impressive part to Nailbees Sailor Moon nail art design is the actual drawing of Sailor Moon. She recreates Sailor Moon perfectly. I feel that this nail artist should be drawing anime for a living because if you can make Sailor Moon look that good on a small nail well clearly you’re talented. If you think you have what it takes to recreate this amazing nail design go here for the tutorial.

This design is more of a 3D nail design and the artists use stickers as well as other glitters and gems to make this design a reality. It’s very glitzy and glamorous if you’re looking for extra glamourous Sailor Moon nails then this should be your go-to. The creator zWinnieYap on YouTube uses gel art for these awesome nails. The inspiration for them, of course, comes from Moon Crystal Power!!! So if you’re ready to get your Moon Crystal Power on then you can take a look at this tutorial found here.

If you love Luna and Artemis from the show then this nail design is inspired solely by them. Okay, we really can’t have Sailor Moon inspired nails without her guardians and all around magical cats. That’s right these are her magical guardian cats Luna, the black cat, and Artemis, the white cat. These cats aren’t really cats. They are disguised as cats for the human world, but they really are Serena aka Sailor Moon’s guardians that were sent to Earth to look out for her. They show their human forms a few times in the show and they also end up having a child or kitten together named Diana. Sorry for that tangent, but I really love this show. So here is the tutorial for some beautiful nails that will hopefully end up guiding and guarding you just like Luna and Artemis do for Sailor Moon.

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