Shoe Lover Inspired Nail Art

Everyone is a fan of shoes and women tend to get ousted for having tons of them. Is it a wonder that we love shoe patterned clothing and purses too then? There is just something about shoes. They are beautiful, fashionable and always fit. So when it comes to nail art it’s not a surprise that there are a lot of nail artists who have come up with some fabulous shoe inspired designs for their manicures. It’s also not a surprise that this look is a trending 2018 look. Everyone wants the cutest and most fashionable nail art on their manicure this year and if that’s what you’re looking for then look no further than this article for some amazing inspiration.

If you love sneakers, but also love some sparkle in your manicure then look no further than this easy “converse” shoe nail art. These are inspired by Converse shoes, but disclaimer they are not converse shoes. They have beautiful gems on them that are sparkly and perfect for the shiniest manicure around. If glam and converse style shoes are your aim then check out this tutorial by Coooool Nails on YouTube.

Do you like the converse look, but want to make it a little less glam? Maybe you’re more into matte or glossy without much shine looks. Then this nail art converse shoe design is what you will be looking for. These nails are so cute and so different from the artist’s above because they put more detail into the actual shoe. These are still easy to do, but they put more focus on the laces as the focal point. This look also uses multiple colors for the shoes instead of just one. It’s super cute and a much different look. So if you want this look go here for the tutorial by 5 Minutes Mehndi on YouTube.

Did you dream of being a ballerina as a child or do you still love the ballet? Well, this year the Nutcracker is getting a reboot from Disney so it’s no wonder than Ballerina slippers within nail art is a real trend. Either way, I think we can all agree that ballerina slippers are not only eloquent but what dreams are made of when you think of combining nail art and shoes. So go here for the tutorial by nail artist G Nail House on YouTube. As a bonus at the beginning of this tutorial, she also has her own rendition on sneakers, but I think the ballerina slippers she does are so cute that once you see them you won’t want to do her sneaker tutorial. Just my opinion.


Are you a brand person? Do you love shoes, but are you more into the sporty than the girly? Maybe you’re into marketing in general. Then you want the shoe logo nail art. Yes, 2018 is no stranger to logo inspired designs, but this particular design is so genius. It has all of the big brand name sneaker labels you’re into on a manicure. Adidas, Nike, Vans, and much more. I love this look because it’s simple and shows your love for shoes or shoe brands all on one hand. Now of course, if there is a brand here you dislike you can always create your own brands on your own nails. But here is the cute shoe logo inspired tutorial by Perfectionnails100 on Youtube.

High heel nail art as you can imagine has a huge following. Now, these happen to be some of my favorite high heel nails because it’s not just one high heel on your nail, but multiple. So it looks like you literally put a pattern from a purse with high heels on your manicure. This one does take a little time to complete, but in the end, it’s well worth it. I’m sure you’ll agree once you see the outcome. This artist uses pink and red as colors because let’s face it those are both sexy and beautiful colors. Think of Victoria’s Secret. They have red and pink or pink and black as their colors quite often for marketing. So it only makes sense that this nail artist would incorporate those colors in these delightfully girly high heel patterned nail art. Go here for the full tutorial by Miss Nailitall on

If you love high heels and you love cheetah print then this next tutorial is right up your alley. Not only is this girly high heel nail design gorgeous, but it’s extremely detailed. Now this is one shoe on one nail, but this has so much detail in it that you can’t help, but feel it’s glamorous. It’s almost reminiscent of a Betsey Johnson shoe design and who doesn’t love Betsey? If you’re looking for a mix media design then this would be the nail art for you. Go here to check out the tutorial by WeLoveNails.  It’s definitely one of the best high heel tutorials out there.


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