SNS Manicures Are The New Trend, But What Exactly Are They?

SNS manicures have recently gained popularity. But what exactly is the big deal and why is everyone so obsessed?!

Here’s everything you’ve been dying to know about SNS nails:

What Exactly Are SNS Nails?

SNS nails (aka “signature nails system”) are created by repeatedly dipping nails into powder until they harden on the nail. Like gel manicures, a protective layer is created to keep the nail looking glossy and strong. But unlike gel manicures, SNS doesn’t use shellac. Instead, a sealer is used to each nail, in addition to a top and base coat.

Are SNS Nails More Natural Looking?

You bet they are! SNS nails are lighter and thinner than gel manicures, so they appear more natural. Which is a huge plus! Everyone loves a natural look.

Are SNS Nails A Healthier Option?

LED Light is NOT used with SNS, which makes eco-conscious people very happy! LED light, and UV light, putt of radiation that can cause health problems. That’s not to say anyone everyone who gets gel manicures is going to end up sick, but it’s always nice to have a beauty option that’s scientifically proven to be less harmful.

Do SNS Nails Really Last?

Yes! Which is another reason why people are obsessed! SNS manicures can look perfect for as long as four weeks, unlike gel manicures. Shellac typically starts to peel up after just two weeks. If you’re going to pay money for nice nails, you might as well pay for an option that’s going to last!

Who Looks Best Wearing SNS Nails?

People with shorter nails tend to look best with this nail style. Only because of the dipping. If you have long nails or you want tips, there are other methods that would probably work better for your nails. SNS is all about giving a natural coating.

What’s The Downside Of SNS Nails?

They need to be maintained. You don’t want to leave SNS nails on for months at a time. That might lead to pocket lifting, which at worst could lead to an infection.

Does SNS Damage Your Nails?

Nail damage typically occurs when you’re trying to remove polish. If you’re scrapping, picking, and peeling you’re probably going to hurt your nails – regardless of if you have a gel or SNS manicure. With that said, SNS nails are a little bit easier to remove. Because there’s no shellac, they should come right off after just 10 or 15 minutes soaking in acetone.

Are SNS Nails Cheaper?

It depends. Of course, every nail salon isn’t going to charge the same for SNS nails but usually, this type of manicure isn’t significantly more expensive than gel. Paying a couple of dollars more for nails that’ll stay perfect at least two weeks longer might not be a bad idea, don’t you think?

What Should People Know About SNS Nails?

When choosing a color, it can be a little tricky to tell how the colored-powder will actually look on your nails. With gel and regular nail polish you typically know what you’re getting because you can see the color in the bottle.

What Makes SNS Nails So Much Better Than Other Options?

In conclusion, SNS nails are better because they’re easier. They’re less complicated to apply, they’re easier to remove, they don’t take as much time (because there’s no LED light) and they’re safer for your nails and your overall health. Plus, they look better. Win-win!

But wait, here are some more of our favorite SNS looks — just in case you needed more inspiration!

For all of you floral lovers out there, he’s a must-have look:

This one is perfect for Valentine’s Day:

Nothing like some negative space nails:

There you have it! So now it’s up to you decide whether or not you want to give this nail trend a go?

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