Sweater Nails Are Thing and They Are Amazing!

Sweater nails are just what they sound like. Nail art that makes your nails look like they are wearing big comfy sweaters over each nail. This look is textured and grabs your attention immediately. This is a trend that will carry throughout the winter months well into Valentine’s Day. We are seeing a huge upward swing into the comfy sweater look. It’s not only elegant, but let’s face it we all want to feel cozy even our nail art wants to feel cozy so why not?

Check out this cute sweater nail art design. It looks like a big chunky knit sweater that our grannies would make us or we would DIY for a cozy side project. This blue color is reminiscent of the winter season as well. It all comes together in this warm tutorial that you won’t want to miss out on.

Check out this easy sweater nail tutorial. it’s a cute and easy pink textured nail look that’s perfect for the winter season. This is also one you can save for Valentine’s Day or February.

I will call these Jumper Nails since the artist who does them in the tutorial is Brittish, but just know these are sweater nails that have a much different design tthanwhat we have previously seen. These are also done with gel polish. So if you’re thinking about working with gel then this is the tutorial you need check out. Go here. 

Do you love sweaters and Christmas? Are you a huge fan of those ugly Christmas sweaters or have an ugly Christmas sweater party coming up at your office? Then you need to check out this nail art tutorial by Simply Nailogical. She does a great job of making each nail into a different pattern of an ugly sweater. This is also a great design if you can’t decide what kind of sweater or what colors you want to use since this design incorporates tons of different colors and different designs for each fingernail.

Looking for a more 3D design? Check out this tutorial by SharonNails. It’s a cable sweater design that is 3D. This will surely make your sweater nails pop out from the rest. She also uses three different and mute color to make them seem like real sweater material that you might be wearing right now. Her colors are pastel pink, a white and purple shade. This is great if you’re tired of Christmas colors or want to wear them through January and February.

If you’re looking for something similar to the 3D nail look, but need it to be an easier process then you should check out this tutorial by Little Blank Spaces.  She goes above and beyond to make these 3D nails cute and easy to do for beginners.

Looking for a little bit different of a design, but still want the sweater look? Don’t worry there is another design out there for you. This design uses cute gems, gel nail polish, and glitter to make the design truly pop. The artist Krsity Homolya also incorporates a heart that has a textured sweater look inside it on one nail. This is truly different and you can wear this design all winter long. Go here to check out this amazing tutorial.

Speaking of switching things up check out this Ombre 3D cable knit sweater design. That’s right this is not your grandma’s sweater okay? This is awesome and the textured design is literally ombre which is perfect for a semi-modern look. Go here to check out the tutorial.

This sweater nail art takes a different approach to the knit design making the knit parts a sparkly clear look. They almost look like snow on the ground glistening in a sweater pattern. To get this look go here. 

This design has crystals and sweater designs. You have to check out this beautiful design. Marshmallow Nail Art shows off her nail designs she will be teaching you to make in the tutorial and it literally looks like she just bought her nails out of a jewelry store. If you want nails on this level go here to check out the tutorial.

She calls it a Chesterfield Cushion inspiration. While I have seen cushions like this there are also sweaters that look exactly like this out there too. So when I saw this unique design I had to add it to our sweater nail art piece. Check out this fabulous tutorial here. 

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