The Best Base Coats for Nail Artist

Okay, I’m sure many of you have skipped a base coat every now and then. Some of you may not understand the value of a base coat, but the most professional nail artists base coat their art before they continue with their masterpieces. Why? For one, you’re spending lots of time on your nails. You’re intricately changing them so you want them to last longer. You want your art to stay on your nails as long as possible and a base coat helps prolong nail polish and of course, your nail art. Not only that but if you have nails with ridges base coats can help smooth those ridges out and make your art look better! Not everyone’s nails are naturally smooth. In fact, most people have a ridge in at least one nail that stands out. Base coats cover that up. If that weren’t enough base coats also help prevent the staining of nail polishes and other dyes an artist may use on their nails. Blue nail polishes tend to leave a horrible stain on your nails long after the art has gone. Most people will cover it up with more polish but this can alter the way the new polish looks on your nails and doesn’t really solve the problem. Base coats help stains from happening in the first place. Now that you know why you need a base coat here are the best base coats for nail artists or those trying to achieve the best nail art possible.

First Base by Essie is one of the best base coats to prevent staining. It’s thin and dries quickly so you can get right down to business with your nail art! The longevity of your nails is there too. It’s said to help your nails last 5 days longer than without a base coat. Another great point is that it won’t cost you a bundle for this particular product. It’s only $8.52. The only issue with this particular base coat is that there is a slight green tint. This could alter your nail art colors depending on what you’re trying to create. Buy it here.

Seche Base is another great choice for base coats. The reason that it’s considered one of the best is that it’s wonderful for helping smooth out nails. So if you have a lot of ridges in your nails this is the base coat you probably want to go with. It is opaque so be sure to know that it can alter the background of the art, but most reviewers of this base coat said it helped make their art-pop even more. It was also the number one choice when used with holographic and glittery nail polishes. It’s also fast drying and prevents staining. The only issue is that some people may not like the opaque color of this base coat. Buy it here for $6.83.

Maxus Base Coat is the best base coat for preventing problems. It’s a super sticky base coat which means the polish really lasts a long time because it grips to the base coat very well. It’s clear so you don’t have to worry about colors clashing or anything like that. The other thing is the reviewers say the applicator is one of the best they have ever used for a base coat. That’s a pretty bold statement, but what’s even bolder is that Maxus Base Coat is perfect for nail health as well. It has tea tree oil in it which is an anti-fungal and an antiseptic so you know your nails will be extra healthy. While this base coat is a bit pricier it’s completely worth it. Get this particular base coat for $18.00 Buy it here.

Smith and Cult Basis of Everything Nail Polish Base Coat is a luxurious choice for your nails. It’s long lasting and also has a great top coat to match it. This is one of the best clear top coats because it’s in a luxurious container and is easy to use. It’s one of those things you have to try to understand. Get it here for $18.00.

Zoya Naked Manicure Base is rated one of the best base coats for discolored nails. This particular base coat is meant to help heal and strengthen nails as well. Which means if you have damaged nails of any kind this is the go-to base coat for you. It’s a vegan base coat which is appealing to many people. It also contains natural ingredients like sunflower oil and garlic. No, your nails will not smell like garlic, although they may keep vampires away. It moisturizes your nails as well and makes the manicure last around 7 days with the polish intact. The only downfall here is that it doesn’t fill in ridges really well. So if you have lots of ridges you may try a different base coat for that. To buy this product go here. It costs around $12.00.

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