The Secret To Beautiful And Healthy Nails

What’s the secret to beautiful and healthy nails? To treat your nails the same way you treat your skin. You wouldn’t forget to wash your face or forget to moisturize your skin. So don’t forget to do those things to your nails. Yup, it’s that easy but just in case you’re still confused, use these tips as guidance – here’s how to keep your nails healthy and beautiful:


Moisturizing isn’t just a way to keep your skin healthy, it’s also a great way to keep your nails healthy. When you’re applying lotion to your hands and face, go ahead and rub the lotion on nails and cuticles too. This will keep your nails hydrated, which will keep them healthy and in a position to grow. You know how your face feels tight when you miss your morning moisturizer? The same things happen to your nails, you just might not notice.

Relax With Nail Hardeners

You might feel inclined to apply a hardener to your nails. Why not, right? Nail hardeners create healthy nails that grow quickly….or do they? Sometimes these hardeners cause your nails to become so hard that they’re actually more prone to crack and break. We’re not saying you should throw away your hardeners, but don’t go overboard!

Look For Alternatives

Do you know what’s in your nail products? You don’t, do you? We pay close attention to our skincare ingredients, so why not our nail products? Odds are, you’re putting rather harsh chemicals on your nails and that could be causing them to break. Seek out alternatives; non-toxic polishes, organic cotton balls, etc. The options are out there, you just have to look.

Maintain Good Hygiene

Not only should you be cleaning your hands regularly, but you should also be cleaning your nails regularly (as well as the tools you use on your nails). It’s easy to forget about brushing your nails, but try not to. You don’t want dirt to accumulate underneath your nails. That’ll cause a bacteria overgrowth and possibly infections.

*Baking soda is a great way to make sure you’re getting your nails really clean! All you have to do is dip a wet toothbrush into baking soda and scrub under your nails. Go one at a time so you can really be effective.

Don’t Let Your Nails Get Too Long

Long nails might be the #goal right now. But long nails can cause some serious problems. Even if your nails are healthy, they can break or snag when caught on clothing. You don’t want that! Which is why for your benefit, you should trim your nails regularly.

Never Scrape Polish Off

Always, ALWAYS use a polish remover or some sort of soak to remove nail polish. You don’t want to scrape your polish off. It causes your nails to become rough because you’re essentially stripping away a top layer. If you can’t get your gel polish off with a polish remover soak, then go to a nail technician to get the job done. Whatever you do, don’t pick or peel!

Wear Nail Polish

There are a couple of reasons why wearing nail polish can help your nails. 1) A layer of polish can protect your nails from damage as it provides somewhat of a barrier and 2) some people are less likely to bite or mess with their nails when they’re nicely done. This doesn’t mean you should feel like you have to spend money once a week to get your nails professionally done. You can apply a clear coat whenever you have spare time.

Don’t Go Crazy With Your Manicures

There’s nothing wrong getting a fresh manicure ever so often, the problem comes when you add extra things to your nails. For example, acrylics. Acrylic nails might look good but they can cause damage — so can constant gel manicures. Be simple with your nails. Not only will this help preserve them, but it’ll also save you some money.

Never Forget Base And Top Coats

Base coats help prepare your nails for nail polish so you don’t see any chips and top coats allow your nails a chance to grow and stay strong. They’re both necessary and you should make sure you’re wearing both coats whenever you have polish on. This might seem like a hassle but you’ll be thankful you did in the long run.

Wear Gloves When You’re Cleaning

You want to be gentle with your nails, so protect them whenever you’re doing something. If you’re washing dishes, wear gloves. If you’re scrubbing your toilet or shower, wear gloves. Wear gloves to protect your nails from harsh chemicals so you’re not leaving yourself exposed!

Watch What You Eat

What’s your protein intake? Are you consuming any omega-3 fatty acids? What about Vitamin B? If the answer is no, you might want to start. You’re going to need all of these ingredients in your system in order to keep your nails healthy and beautiful! If your nails typically break and shrink, it might be due to a deficiency in your body. Pay attention to what you’re eating and how it’s impacting your nails.

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