This One Little Hack Will Help Your Wet Nails Dry Faster

I would consider myself a manicure-enthusiast. I love having polish on my nails! In fact, I feel kind of weird without a fresh coat. Which is why I’m honestly shocked I’m just hearing about this drying hack. Are you wondering what it is?


Gone are the days of messing up wet nails because you’re trying to multitask or having to wait at least an hour for nails to dry. A little hairspray can clearly go a long way. Yes!

The key to this hack is to spray a couple minutes after polishing your nails. You don’t want to spray the second you’re done — that could actually ruin your polish. Your nails need to sit for at least a minute. Then, go ahead and spray your hairspray. Just make sure you’re spraying from about 10 inches away. (If you’re too close to your hands, you’ll cause air bubbles). And BANG, your nails will be dry. Yes, it’s seriously that easy.

It’s a good idea to let your nails sit for another couple of minutes after you spray them and then give them a good wash with cold water. Not only will this rid your hands of sticky hairspray, but cold water is another great drying technique so your nails will be DOUBLE the dry when everything is said and done.

Now, before you try this hack yourself there are some things you need to know.

First, you don’t want to use that old bottle of hairspray that’s been sitting in your cabinet for years. That probably won’t work. You’re going to want an aerosol hairspray with extra hold. The particles in that hairspray are what’ll dry your nails. You see, aerosol contains both oil and alcohol, which interacts with your nail polish to help it dry faster. (Yup, even science backs this hack up!)

Second, if you’re working with acrylic nails it’s going to be crucial you make sure you’ve applied them correctly. If not, the force and ingredients from the hairspray might loosen them and cause them to fall off. That would be a bummer!

Third, be cautious of how much hairspray you’re using. You should start out with a light mist and see if that does it before spraying more. Too much hairspray could actually cause your nails to appear oily. You don’t want that!

To all of you reading this questioning whether or not this hack works, give it a try! I’ve used this hairspray trick at least 10 times now, and I can confidently say it definitely speeds up the drying process.

Why not shorten the waiting period to dry nails? Go grab some hairspray and get to drying!

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