Top Nail Polishes for 2019

2019 may have just begun, but nail artists around the globe are already proclaiming the best polishes of 2019 and best colors that will be trending all year long. So get a head start on your New Year by diving into these great colors and polish brands that are must-haves for every nail artist.

Navy was a color 2018 brought into dominance, but it’s sticking around in 2019 and making itself even more known. So if you weren’t sure about getting a Navy nail polish now is the time to grasp onto this craze and get a good Navy color. Celebrity nail artists Michelle Saunders says that this trend is going to only get hotter and hotter for this cool color over the year. You might as well get into it now with one of the best Navy polishes on the market. It’s by the brand Smith & Cult and it’s called King & Thieves. It’s a lacquered look and it’s gorgeous. You can get it for around $18.00 and it’s well worth the price. It’s what all the celebrities will be wearing this year as well. Go here to get your own.

Red has been and will always be a hot color. No matter the year or season red is always a classic. However, what you may not know is that bright red is in and this particular polish is vegan and organic. So for those of you who are conscious of the environment, animals and your own health this next polish will be the top nail polish (predicted by magazines across the world) of 2019. Karma is the name brand of polish and because it’s organic its created quite a fuss in the fashion and nail industry. You can get it here for around 10.00.

Meghan Markle loves to wear pastel pink nail polish. It’s royalty approved and it looks elegant and refined. So for 2019, the pastel pinks are back in style, but here is supposedly the top color for pinks in 2019 it’s called Gossamer Garments and it’s from the Gel Couture Sheer Silhouettes collection by Essie. You can get it from Ulta Beauty for around 12.00. Believe me, if it’s royalty approved you definitely need to get your hands and fingers tips on this color. Go here to get your very own.

Essie is also topping the ranks for 2019 with another great color called Dove Grey. This soft grey color will go with almost any outfit and looks stunning. While metallic carried us out through 2018 this softer and less flashy color will carry us into 2019. Still a hint of metallic, but just a little less robotic or futuristic than the 2018 look. To get this amazing color by Essie, go here.

White nails go in and out of style. You can never tell when they’re in and then when they will be back out again. Let’s face it we all have that one friend that just loves the white look and whether or not it’s in or out they wear it. Sometimes we cringe and sometimes we get a whole new look or perspective on the white. It just happens to be the year and our eyes that determine this trend as either positive or negative. As seen on runways and in high-end fashion shows this year white nails are back in. They are considered more glamorous than ever. O.P.I Alpine Snow seems to be the white polish that everyone is favoring this year! So get your own by the amazing polish brand O.P.I. here. 

Glitter with Metallic finishes are still in. However, the big trend for this year is small little sparkles. So as long as you have beautiful nail polish that’s metallic and sparkly with small little grainy sparkles you will be in style for 2019. However, I definitely recommend this next polish because it’s the one most of the celebrities you see are wearing this year. This is going to be one of the top metallic finish glitter nail polish products for the entire year. It’s by Naiisinc and it’s called “The Unfollower” Why? Well because when you wear it, you look like you’re too cool to follow anyone, but the truth is everyone will be wearing this amazing polish. It is definitely Instagram worthy. Go here to get this polish from Naiisinc’s Life Hack Collection.

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