Unique Holiday Nail Ideas You Can Do At Home

Are you still on the fence about your holiday nails? We’ve got some ideas for you! Whether you have a holiday dinner to plan or a party to attend, these nail ideas will work perfectly. The best part? You can create these unique looks from the convenience of your own home (no nail technician needed):

Ribbon Nails

To create this look you need either a very steady hand or you need a nail stripping brush. Probably the ladder, right? Nail stripping brushes are an easy way to create small lines that look professionally done. Your hands will look like ribbons in no time!

  1. After using a base coat, paint your nails a simple silver or off-white color.

  2. Then, let your nail polish dry.

  3. Using a nail striping brush, paint small red lines across your nails to create what resembles ribbons.

  4. Once you like what you see, use a top coat and let it dry. That’s it!

*Hint: You’re going to have to be patient with this look. Unless you have experience with a nail stripping brush, it might take some time. Don’t rush it!

Gold With Red Tips

You don’t have to paint a Christmas tree on your nails to look festive! A gold base with red tips screams, “CHRISTMAS.”

  1. Use a base coat to get things started.

  2. Paint your nails with gold polish (it’s up to you what texture you’d want, glitter or metallic will do).

  3. After that’s done, paint your tips with your red color.

  4. Let your nails dry before applying your top coat.

* Hint: Make sure your fingers are on a flat surface while you’re painting so you can make sure your tips are clean

Berry Purple Nails

Purple might not be the first color you think of for holiday nails, but it definitely should be! Berry purple is indeed a winter color. You can even take this look up a notch by adding some snow accents. Just as long as you have a dotting tool, you’ll be good!

  1. Apply a base coat to your nails.

  2. Paint your nails with the berry purple polish.

  3. Once your coats are dry, dip your dotting tool in white polish (or to get really fancy add rhinestones.)

  4. Then, use your dotting tool to create small circles on your nails.

  5. Finish with a top coat and admire your snowy creation.

Dipped Glitter With Confetti

Make sure the confetti you choose to dip your nails in is holiday-like. Maybe some green and red confetti or gold. Both are beautiful colors! Once you have your colors in mind you’ll be able to coordinate better.

  1. Apply a base coat to your nails.

  2. Then, apply your glitter polish (we recommend a dark color).

  3. Once that’s done, apply a top coat so the confetti has something to grab on to.

  4. Gently, and very slowly, dip the tips of your nails in the confetti (we recommend using a bowl so your nails aren’t accidentally rubbing against anything).

  5. Finish with another top coat.

White With A Gold Accent

An accent nail is a key to a professional and fun look. Perfect for the holidays. We recommend picking a gold color that has glitter as well, so you can really see that accent nail!

  1. Apply a base coat to your nails.

  2. Then, paint your nails (all but one, on each hand) white. You’re going to want to paint a couple shades of white to make sure the color doesn’t look too subtle.

  3. Paint your designated accent nails with a gold, and glittery color.

  4. Finish with a top coat. So easy, isn’t it?

Festive Red With Glitter

Burgundy and red are some of the best holiday colors out there! Why not paint your nails one of these gorgeous colors?!

  1. Apply a base coat.

  2. Then, paint two coats of a burgundy (or red) color.

  3. Paint your nails with a top coat (so the glitter has something to hold on to).

  4. Sprinkle some glitter gently over your nails.

  5. Gently use a brush to dust off the glitter that didn’t stick to your top coat.

  6. Let your nails dry before you apply another top coat and admire the shine!

Green And White (With A Snowflake)

If you can’t tell, green (regardless of the shade) is a go-to holiday color!

  1. Apply a base coat.

  2. Then, decide which nails you want to paint green and which ones you want to paint white (this will be 100% up to you and your general preference).

  3. Once you decide, get to painting!

  4. Let your nails dry a little before applying a top coat.

  5. Then, decide which nail(s) you want your snowflake on.

  6. Start by painting an X on your nail, then another X (slightly smaller than the first) so that it interlocks.

  7. Add some spikes on the ends of the snowflake.

  8. Apply another top coat and voila!

*Hint: If you’re struggling, use a nail stripping brush to help create the snowflakes.

Simply Metallic

Metallic nails are surprisingly easy to create. You just need the right nail polish (i.e. metallic nail polish). Once you have that, all you have to do is paint!

  1. Use a base coat to prep your nails.

  2. Once the base coat is dry, paint your nails using the metallic nail polish (we recommend applying at least three coats to make sure the color really shines).

  3. Then, finish with a top coat.

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