Valentine’s Nail Tutorials that You Will Love

Valentine’s day obviously brings with it a special vibe. Love is in the air whether or not you have someone to call your own. It’s also a day my family always liked to share extra love with each other. Therefore, for me, it was more about all types of relationship loves not just a romantic one. However, you cannot deny that Valentine’s Day brings a certain feel and romance to the month of February. You also can’t deny that those cute hearts and other inspired designs don’t stir your inner emotions with happiness and cuteness. Here are some of the best nail art designs for Valentine’s Day that you SHOULD be considering.

Negative space has been a big trend in nail art over the last year. Call it minimalistic. Call it simplistic. Call it whatever you like, but the trend isn’t going away because it’s cute and elegant. So if you want some negative space Valentine’s Day hearts that will send your actual heart into a bountiful area of positivity then you need these nails for the month of February. Go here to check out the tutorial by Demelza’s World on YouTube.

Have you ever wondered how to use flocking powder on your nails? Well, this next tutorial will show you the way and give you some great tips for your Valentine’s Day designs! This literally spells out love you with cute dots and hearts. These nails are absolutely gorgeous and they are actually easy to do! If you want to learn more about the design or just flocking powder in general, you need to check out the tutorial here by PinkFlyingCow who specializes in nail tutorials on YouTube.

If you’re looking for a more elegant design as opposed to cute this next design will truly interest you. These adorable nails again use the trendy minimalistic style of negative space, but the hearts are on the tips. I almost call it a French manicure with hearts. This look is splendid for any time of the year but especially for February people will idolize your nails if you do this design. It’s clean, chic and beautiful. Go here to check out the tutorial by Nails By Jema on YouTube.

What’s nice about this next design is that it can either be considered cutesy or elegant. It’s quite honestly both. Cute white dots and hearts on a black background make for a beautiful combination. This is also a great tutorial if you’re interested in learning more about fan brush and dotting tools. The tutorial is made easy by LifeWorldWomen –DIY- EasyNailArtDesigns on YouTube. I know that’s a mouthful but they really do a great job at teaching certain techniques. So if you want to learn more go here.

These glittering and glistening red hearts are for those who enjoy sparkle! For those who enjoy both cute and elegant nails. And more importantly, it’s also for beginners. These nails are super easy to do that even your five-year-old niece can do them. Which makes them quite appealing if you’re lacking time. The tutorial is done and made easy by Robin Moses Nail Art. Go here to check out her amazing tutorial.

If you’re wondering how to do a stamping technique for some beautiful Valentine’s Day nail art then this next design is for you. I’m not sure if you’re a fan of stamping already or you simply want to know how to stamp properly, but either way Janelle Estep on YouTube has been a great person to learn from. She is wonderful at nail art and even better at tutorials. This particular nail art features glitz, lips, hearts, strips and more. Of course, the theme is Valentine’s Day. So if you’re interested in checking out this awesome tutorial go here.

This one mixes a bit of everything in it. It has negative space, heart balloons, mini hearts with multicolored backgrounds, lips and more. I saved this design for the end because it’s really five designs in one. They all look cute on the same hand or you can do them separately. It’s really up to your preference. Cutepolish came up with this cute tutorial for these five amazing designs. So if you want to know all five check out their tutorial here. It’s well worth your while.

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