Vampire Inspired Nails That You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

With Halloween coming up everyone gets into the spirit in their own way. Some people have a thing for ghosts or witches, but others have a much different taste left in their mouth so-to-speak. Many people are still obsessed with vampires. You can blame Twilight or Vampire Diaries, but the truth is people have been fascinated with vampires for a century. Perhaps it’s because the myth and legends stemmed from those who were in cults and actually drank blood. Some people who drank blood actually believed that they would be more youthful by drinking the blood of young virgins.

Nothing too creepy about that right? I hope you caught my sarcasm. Either way people today are still fascinated with Vampires whether it’s the old school super creepy ones or the handsome ones like Edward Cullen from Twilight. No judgment either way. The good news is we get some pretty wicked nail designs for the season out of people’s vampire obsessions and I am about to show you some that you can really sink your teeth into. Pun definitely intended.

The Vampire Diaries is probably one of the most well-known and obsessed over vampire-themed tv shows. It’s run for quite a few seasons and has gotten a huge following. So it’s no wonder that someone actually put Vampire Diaries inspired nail art on their beautiful manicure. This style of art is pretty cool check it out here.

Want some real bloody nails? Nails that would be perfect for a haunted house date or a Halloween soiree? Then there are the vampire inspired nails you seek. It literally looks as though you have been sucking someone’s blood and got it on your fingers. However, you may need to warn people it’s not really blood on your fingernails. It’s that realistic looking that your friends might think you have been on a murder spree and gone too far with your vampire obsessions. Get the look here.

True Blood is another show that has people a little vampire-obsessed. So again, it’s not a surprise that people would come up with nail art for the show. If you’re a true, True Blood fan then you need to look no further than this awesome True Blood nail art for inspiration. Check it out here.

Vampire Gothic Halloween Nails are basically your usual cheesy cartoonish vampire nail art. It has bats, vampires (Dracula inspired), coffins and vampire teeth drawn on your beautiful manicure. This would be perfect for every day during the October season and if you work with kids or are just handing out candy this is a look that would make the kids happy too. It’s cute, but not too cheesy that it’s not artistic.

These long acrylic nails are Vampire inspired with reds, red glitters, back polish and different black and red gems glued on. With these nails, you will be looking like a vampire princess ready for an all red affair. You might want to get them before you end up in your coffin. To get these nails to go to this tutorial by Kristina Troncoso on YouTube. She does wonderful nail designs, but this one is perfect for anyone’s

Vampire Gradient nails are elegant, spooky, and a must for this Halloween season. Not only can you wear these to work without being questioned, but they are great for your Halloween affairs. Black and red gradients on your nails can be quite tricky to make perfect. So if you’re a little concerned about getting this look perfect sink your teeth into this tutorial on YouTube by GraceanneDarling, a fantastic nail artist.

Ombré, Vampire Fangs, Bite Marks & Blood Nail Art is another great choice for the Halloween season. Not only is the design perfectly inspired by vampires and will be envied by all, but it’s fairly easy to do if you’re familiar with nail art in general. This is a mix of ombre black and red nails, nail art drawn vampire fangs, bite marks and of course, bloody streaks. This is somewhat cartoonish but still elegant. It’s the perfect blend of both worlds. So if you’re not quite sure if you want a more cartoonish look or an elegant one this is a great in-between style everyone will adore. Check out the awesome tutorial here and get prepared for long evenings and days spent indoors.

Now for the nail art beginners, there is always a newbie reading these and you have to start somewhere, these vampire nails are very cartoonish. They are cartoon versions of Dracula’s or your stereotypical vampire. They are so easy to do and if you’re looking for a good nail project to do with your little sister or a younger nail artist this is the perfect project for a fun Halloween nail art look. Here is the super easy tutorial.

Whichever vampire look you go with for this season I am confident it will shock the daylights out of your friends, family and coworkers. Just be careful of handsome sparkling strangers. You never know when you could actually end up in a vampire coven.

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