Winter Shades of Nail Polish You Need to Have

Okay, ladies! Winter is coming! Sorry for the Game of Thrones Reference there, but I couldn’t resist. That means all new winter shades of nail polish this year. If you’re anything like me this means wonderful stocking stuffers as well for my friends and family. Either way, these are some shades you should look out for in the nail polish aisle that are the big hit this winter and these are the products that have won best in each shade. So check out this list and style on.

Golden Shades of Winter

Gold is one of the number one metallic colors this year for winter. You say really? Isn’t silver more wintery, well yes silver is and we will get to that later, but this year gold is really trending upward. The fashion industry is putting gold as precedent and it almost seems like those gold shiny bulbs on the Christmas tree you see at the mall. So you should definitely be in the gold polish that looks metallic this year. Here is one of the best products for the gold metallic look. It’s called Good as Gold, it’s $9.00 and it’s by Essie. Essie is a great brand and if you haven’t tried it yet you are really missing out.


So all that glitters is not gold. We know this. Which is why I said above wait until you get farther into this article for the silver. Silver metallic is equally popular this 2018 winter season. There is a new polish that I know you will all love for your silver shades of a winter look. This is a Marilyn Monroe inspired nail polish that is supposed to be reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour. This polish is by Taylor Morgan a beauty mogul and it will only cost you about $9.50 from Ulta. This is definitely on my list for a stocking stuffer or secret Santa list. Buy it here. Oh, and it’s call Diamonds are my BFF in case you were wondering where Marilyn came in.

Red, Red Wine

Red wine is often a winter evening dinner date drink. It’s also what most people serve at winter dinners. So it’s no surprise that a nail polish inspired by wine would be the best for your winter manicure. Not only is this a great color that goes with almost anything you wear, but it’s very sophisticated. The color is called Wine Therapy (love the name) and it’s by Sally Hansen. It’s only going to cost you around $7.99 and you can buy it here.


Another winter color by Sally Hansen is the Bronze Reflection from the same collection of nail therapy. I forgot to mention above, but one of the reasons why this collection is trending by Sally Hansen is because it’s a nail repair polish as well. It has Aragon oil in it and it’s great for moisturizing your dry winter nails. Another reason this color is popular is that metallic is super in this year. Everyone wants to be shiny or metallic looking. This bronze is a great winter choice. Think of it as an old antique bronze toy Santa brought. This color is neutral and goes with almost anything so not only will you shine, but you will be in style. The polish is 7.99 just like the one above and you can buy it here.


China Glaze has come out with a color called Let’s Groove and it’s a deep purple. While purple which has been associated with the old wise men from the story of Jesus’s wardrobe is very wintery it’s also considered a royal color. Why wouldn’t you want to be royal in the winter? This particular polish helps prevent chipping and that’s why it’s made it to this list. Not only will your nails be beautifully purple, but they will last longer. I should also mention that furniture this year is trending with the deep purple so this seems to be a common color for the winter season! You can get this polish here for around $7.00.

Ice Colors

Nails INC has come out with one of my favorite winter colors this year. It’s called “Realm of Dreams.” If that name weren’t enough to win you over the color surely will. This is an icy blue like Elsa from Disney’s Frozen, but it’s metallic and sparkly. So again going with the metallic popularity this year this nail polish has it all. The winter ice color and the shine. This iridescent polish is gorgeous, but it will cost you more than the others coming in at 11.00. I think it’s worth it to have the Realm of Dreams on your hands though. Go here to buy it.

Sparkles and Glitter

If you want to treat yourself to a luxurious polish than look no further than this winter inspired polish. Smith & Cult created yet another clandestine look with their polish called “A little lovely” it features gold and blush sparkles. This is perfect because gold is a super color this year and so is blush. Much like purple, blush to show up on lots of winter furniture trends too. So this is another big color this year. Get this polish for 18.00 here.

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