Wintery Nails to Make You Say “WOW”

Winter is coming and so are the nail trends for this Winter season. You can’t stay in the know for nail art if you’re not in the know for the trends. These nails are THE nails of the season and they will “WOW” you. So let is snow so you can stay inside and do your nails.


Blue reminds us of ice and of course, winter. However, blue can be a cold color so to warm up the nails put friendly and warm feeling patterns like beautiful intricate snowflakes and deer. An elegant snowman would even do, but mind you this look is more elegant like the one above. Not a cartoon look at all.

Maybe you want your nails to look icy, sleek and contemporary. Try this look above by getting a textured look with sparkly white nail polish that’s textured. It will mimic ice you see on your walkway during winter. Then have one nail that is completely shiny and blue. Something that looks like water in the pond that’s been iced over, but with more shine. Holographic nail polishes would be great for this.

Purple is a royal color and perfect for Winter. To make your purple nails more winter-inspired put splotches of white on them to make it look like snow has fallen on your fingertips. Elegant and cute.

Nail wraps or stamps have been very popular for multicolored designs that mimic sweaters you wear in the winter. This particular pattern above is inspired by sweater threads. Be creative with this one and make your family guess where your inspiration came from.


The story of the baby Jesus has a star leading the wise men to him. Keep the star theme going with these adorable nails. Whether or not you are religious stars do shine brighter in the winter to keep them on the tips of your nails for a celestial Winter look.

Again, sparkly ice looking polish is a huge trend this year. Go for it and don’t be worried about looking too flashy. This season and this year are all about pizazz.

Speaking of pizazz get some sparkly nail polishes and alternate the polishes. Then add a couple of nail decals that are cute like snowmen or stockings for a complete look.

This look reminds us of cracked ice. You can use stencils to recreate this look. Also, blue and white are the best colors to use to mimic this art.

Paint your nails blue and then add some snowflake decals that are holographic. Again, this year is all about sparkle.

Detailed mittens on your nails will not only get you the right kind of attention but will make you pleased every time you take your actual mittens off this Winter.

Try a vintage Winter look with a red nail polish. Then use a stencil or freehand a snowflake on one finger and do the same with an old school looking clock on another finger. Time plays a big part in the Winter months and you won’t want to pass up on this cute trend. Vintage clock art is in.

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