Your Beauty Routine Might Be Ruining Your Nails And Here’s How

How do your nails look? (Go ahead — look down and check them out!) If your nails are broken, rough, and brittle, it might be due to your beauty routine.

Turns out, the products you use and what you do with your nails can actually break them.

Are You Using Skin Drying Products? 

This might come as a surprise but your skin isn’t the only thing that can become dry from products — your nails can, too. When you apply your cleanser, toner, and moisturizer, the ingredients from those products naturally get onto your hands. What happens when those ingredients contain alcohol? They dry out your skin and your nails. Uh oh! If possible, find products that don’t contain alcohol or a non-drying alcohol ingredient.

Are You Washing Your Hands?

Hopefully, you know the importance of washing your face a couple times a day. Well, washing your hands is equally as important for the health of your nails. Your nails get dirty the same way your face does. Wash away the bacteria and dirt so your nails remain healthy and look good.

How Much Hot Water Are You Using?

Here’s the thing: Hot water causes the nail bed to expand which weakens your nail and causes breakage. Not to mention, keeping your polished hands in hot water could also cause your nails to chip faster. The best thing you can do to help avoid this problem is to apply a few base coats before your shower or just try to keep your nails out of hot water when possible.

Are You A Hairspray Lover?

Turns out, too much hairspray can break down your nail polish. Why? Because there’s alcohol in hairspray which causes your nails to become dry and brittle. There’s another must-have beauty product you use that’s probably hurting your nails, too. What is it? Perfume! Perfume is also very drying on your hands so when you spray it, be cautious of your nails.

Are You Too Harsh On Your Nails?

Are you using your hands as if they’re screwdrivers? They’re not! Don’t use your nails to open packages, wash dishes, or do anything they’re not meant to do. The more aggressive you are with your nails, the worst they’ll look.

Are You Constantly Styling Your Hair?

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Heat styling products might help your hair look on point, but they’re probably damaging your nails. Besides the burns you’re getting on your nails and hands, getting your nail plate too close to heat can cause serious damage. I’m not saying you need to ditch the curling iron and hair dryer for something else, but make sure you’re moisturizing your nails after you’re done with your styling tools.

Do You Forget To Moisturize Your Nails?

Your nails need moisturizer, just like your body and face do. And similar to your skin, your nails are actively aging. In fact, your nails are aging faster so please, PLEASE, make sure you’re protecting them with SPF.

So…How Should You Treat Your Nails?

What should you take away from this piece? Well, the key to making sure your beauty routine doesn’t ruin your nails is to pay attention to the products you’re using, how you’re cleaning/treating your nails, and how often you’re moisturizing. You don’t want to be the 65 year-old-woman with great skin but bad nails, do you? Of course not!

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