Zen Nail Art Ideas that You Never Knew You Wanted!

There is nothing more peaceful than getting your nails done right? Nothing better than prepping your hands with lotions and fixing up your nails in beautiful patterns and colors. Well if you haven’t noticed at most nail spas there tends to be a trend to keep the nails very Zen or full of positive and relaxing vibes. That’s exactly what these nail art creations are inspired from. This list is the best of the Zen nail art ideas you never knew you wanted.

Evil eyes are known in many cultures to be a good luck thing. It keeps your energy positive and keeps evil away from you. The eye is always protecting you and your soul. Why not take those positive vibes from the evil eye and put it into your nail art? Very Zen-inspired! Check out this fabulous evil eye design on Instagram here!  The artist is definitely making her nails feel very Zen and positive. Don’t you think?

Want to keep your nail art vibes REALLY positive. Put some plus signs on your nails with a minimalistic look that is super trendy! These are wonderful if your work doesn’t allow you to have loud nails and you want something Zen throughout the day to keep you calm and positive. Check out the design here from thisisvenice on Instagram.

If you’re familiar with what a Mandala is then you know this is the perfect Zen nail art for your manicure. Mandala’s represent the universe and are a symbol of keeping your inner chi grounded and even keel. Because they represent the universe they are both beautiful and intricate just like the universe itself. So it makes for the perfect nail art design. Here is the inspiration for Mandala’s nails is on Instagram. Bonus points if you wear this to your next yoga class! It’s the perfectly peaceful nail art for that.

Mindfulness nails will keep you, well, mindful. You will be full of peace and inner strength with these meditative nails. With the prayer emoji and inhale written on your nails, this minimalistic and very Zen nail are is perfect for anyone for any occasion. Get the look here on Instagram.

Peace and Love nail art literally has everything Zen-inspired in its name! It has peace signs, yin and yang symbols, heart symbols, nude nails, and a minimalistic metallic nails alternating. This look is literally bringing out not only your inner Zen but your inner hippie as well! This is probably one of my favorite nail art designs on this whole list, but there are a couple more that are so perfect and represent some amazing positive vibes you should continue on.  Check out the Peace and Love nail art here.

This nail art is Zen because it’s drawing on vibes not just from designs, but from negative space on the nails. This manicure is relying on not only the minimalist trend that we all have come to love and know, but it’s also relying on negative space which is becoming a huge trend in the nail world! Get the look here with the very eclectic geometric shapes. And although it has negative spaces this look is full of positive vibes!

Zen can also be interchangeable with Feng Shui and these nails are the perfect minimalism that evokes the Feng Shui of nails. These metallic nail tattoos give your nails the glamour and beauty that make Zen and Minimalism the best nail art for your manicure. Go here for the look.

Bonsai nails are as Zen as they come. Intricate and full of beautiful intricate art. The bonsai represents everything beautiful and peaceful from a Zen garden. While this particular are is book inspired you can be sure that putting bonsais on your nails aren’t just giving you positive vibes, but some relaxing good luck. Get the look here.

If you’re not the best at nail art, but you want some Buda inspired Zen nails there are some great nail decals that you can get here. They aren’t just Zen but represent one of the most beautiful and peaceful ways of life from a man who figured out the best way to live: Buda. Also, the lotus flowers are gorgeous as well. Buddhist inspired nails are gorgeous.

There is nothing more Zen or more beautiful than bamboo nail art. Bamboo nails aren’t only relaxing and beautiful to look at, but they evoke zen as well. They are usually found in peaceful places like Zen gardens or botanical gardens where people are supposed to meditate on their life and the world. You will meditate on both every time you view this gorgeous nail art. Go here for the look.

Cherry Blossom nail art isn’t just beautiful, but very Zen. Everything in Asian culture is in tune with positive vibes, the world, and peace. There’s nothing more beautiful or Zen than Cherry blossom art on your nails. Not only is it gorgeous, but it’s detailed enough where it looks like you spent a long time on them, but simple enough that it doesn’t overcrowd your luxurious nails. Get the look here from this YouTube tutorial.

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