Zombie Nail Art that is Drop Undead Gorgeous!

Zombies aka the Undead are a huge hit all year round, but when October comes into play we can’t help but be more in tune with what’s going on with the world of Zombies. There have been huge hit movies like Zombieland, hit tv shows like The Walking Dead, hit video games like Left 4 Dead, and even apps like Zombies V.S. Plants, but what you didn’t know is that there are several hit nail styles that feature the undead. They are perfect for the season, but since shows like The Walking Dead are so huge right now and people are infatuated with zombies, in general, you could really do most of these looks all year round. Zombies, plain and simple, have become a fashion statement.

Plants Vs Zombie was a phone app game that really took off. It was probably one of the best games that came out aside from Angry Birds back when phone apps were new to the world of technology. Still, there is something semi-nostalgic, cutesy and wonderful about Plants Vs. Zombie. So why not take that almost retro (now) take on cute nail zombie art. The zombies and flowers make this look perfect for any day and any season. Here is the tutorial.

If you’re looking for an artistic view of zombies that are a bit darker. We’re talking literal zombies walking on your nails with blood inspired splatters while still maintaining your fashionable nature then these next nails are for you. This nail art is as glamourous as it is creepy with different black shadowed zombies, zombie hands and other zombie related things on a white glitter background with some blood splotches. As glamourous as these nails turned out they are also very spooky. Perfect for the Halloween scene. Check out the tutorial here.

The coolest thing about freehand nail art is that it really shows off the artist in you. These nails not only show off your artistic skills and style, but they have a real hand on zombies and the October season. These spooky nails by StarryNail on YouTube feature hands coming up from the ground and graves on a neon green background. This screams October and Halloween. It also screams undead are coming to eat my brains. Either way, she definitely nailed this zombified nail art. Check out the tutorial here. Oh, did I mention they also glow in the dark? What’s cooler than that on an October night? Nothing!

If you know anything about Rockabilly fashion or Punk fashion you’re probably very familiar with the indie company that became big in the “indie” fashion industry called Iron Fist. They not only have spooky clothing and accessories in a weird comic book style that have to do with zombies, but they have mermaids and other crazy looking patterns that people love. Well, this nail art is zombie nail art styled after one of Iron Fist’s patterns! Its comic book styled and zombie perfection all in one. Be sure to get the brains just right! Check out the tutorial here.

These Zombie face nails aren’t just easy to do but will inspire the undead glamour in you. This is a cartoon style nail art that’s very similar to Invader Zim’s style artwork. However, it’s not Invader Zim and has nothing to do with him. These are Zombie Faces that are cute and spooky at the same time! Check out the nail art tutorial here. Oh, and be careful not to scratch your head you may get bit by these nails!


Do you want some Halloween nails? Ones that make you literally look like a zombie? Perhaps you’re going to a zombie convention or a zombie event? For instance, a few years back I attended a zombie walking marathon for cancer around Halloween time. Well, these nails not only look authentically zombie like you have been eating someone’s brains, but they are Walking Dead inspired. Straight from the T.V. show itself. Check out the bloody nails here.


Zombie Brain Buffet is a style of nail art you don’t typically hear about every day now do you? You also don’t tell your friend let’s look up Zombie Brain Buffets on Yelp I’m guessing. These 3D nails are beyond cute and beyond the grave! They feature brains, fingerprints in mashed brains, and zombie love art. Because if you are wearing these nails you definitely love zombies. It’s probably the intellect that draws you to them, after all, they have all the brains! Check out this brainy tutorial here.


This bonus zombie nail art is for those who love minions. I mean the ones from the hit movie Despicable Me. Well, those minions have turned from yellow to a sickly green because they were bitten by some zombies! Check out these terrifyingly cute zombie minions here. You won’t be disappointed.

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